It could be that the stress has finally gotten to you and you were looking for relief. Perhaps you figured out that safe dosages boost your productivity, and give you an energy boost. Either way, you used marijuana or another form of the drug in recreational purposes recently.

That would be perfectly okay if you do not have a drug test in your company scheduled soon. In these situations, worrying doesn’t help, but using the Macujo method can assist in successfully passing the test. Here is the step by step instructions guide on how to use this method.

Why Would You Use the Macujo Method?

According to those that tried different methods, this one seems to be the most effective. It has been around for over a decade, and thousands of users seem to experience positive results with it. It is not a simple method, but that is because a hair drug test is the hardest one to pass.

A Detailed Guide on Using the Macujo Method

First of all, you need to ensure you have a big sink at your disposal. The process will take a while, so make sure that you also have enough warm water. Make sure to use swimming or any other goggles so that you protect your eyes from strong chemicals. Furthermore, you may also want to use rubber gloves. The method is effective because it relies on potent compounds, and staying protected while using them is important.

Now that you have everything ready, here is how the process works:

• Step 1. Use warm water to rinse your hair thoroughly. Use white vinegar and apply it to the scalp and roots. Make sure to be thorough even though you have a slight sensation of burning – that is a normal occurrence.

• Step 2. You need a shampoo with salicylic acid. Apply a generous amount and thoroughly massage into the scalp. When combined with vinegar, the burning feeling may continue or increase. Place a shower cap and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

• Step 3. Use warm water to wash your scalp and hair until you rinse it completely. Do not forget to take off the shower cap first.

• Step 4. It is time to use a special toxin removing shampoo. When you are purchasing it, make sure to stick to the original formula that includes aloe and focuses on eliminating toxins. Wash your hair twice with this shampoo.

• Step 5. Use a liquid detergent and take a few drops to help in washing your hair. You want to take your time washing it and only stop when you feel it is completely clean.

• Step 6. The final step is to wash your hair with an effective cleaning shampoo once again. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly.

The important thing is to prepare yourself and have everything you need before the process. The experts recommend using this method two times a day for at least five days. During that period, you should stop smoking marijuana or taking any illegal substances.

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Rahul Raheja