The holidays can easily be the most expensive time of the year for everyone. That’s the double edged sword of the gift giving season. As you expect to receive gifts, so are you expected to give tokens of appreciation to celebrate the Christmas season.

It is a given and accepted fact that our expenses double (or even triple) during the last few months of the year. However, you can actually take advantage of that to grow your income too!

People with debt are sometimes quite gloomy during this season. The limited budget that you have will definitely take its toll as you are unable to buy the gifts that you used to give to family and friends. But who ever said anything about not giving anything? It’s all about wise spending and taking advantage of the generosity of people at this time of the year.

Try not to be all doom and gloom about the spending and do something to increase your income so you have enough to spend this season. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Capitalize on your creativity. If you are good with arts and crafts, you can create products that you can sell as gift items. It can be a colorful beaded jewelry, a printed mug, or hand painted Christmas cards. You can inform your neighbors and friends that you accept orders for the holidays. Your friends would love the idea of having unique gifts to give - without the need to go to the mall or spend a lot too.

Cook up something special. The holidays is a great way to boast about your cooking. But that does not limit it on your table. If you are good with desserts, cook up your favorite recipes and sell them to friends as dessert for their own celebrations. You can cook batches of cookies or brownies, put them in decorative boxes and sell them as gift items.

Join trade and market events. You can go beyond your personal network and join trade events or weekend markets. Given the gift buying needs of consumers, this will be quite rampant in any community. Find out where they are and see if you can join to sell the products that you have created. In truth, it doesn’t have to be your creation per se. You can purchase items in bulk, put a mark up and resell them.

Apply for a second job. Retailers look at this season as a very busy one so they usually hire a temporary workforce to help out. This is something that you can look into as well. Look for part time jobs that will earn you money.

Be a personal shopper. Since a lot of people are probably busy right now, having someone to buy gifts and gift wrap them will provide the needed time to take care of other matters. This is a service that you can offer. Some people dislike the crowded shops during the season - this is your chance to help them out.

These are only a few ideas that can help tide you over the holidays. Even if you are in the midst of a debt relief program, you don’t have to suck out all the happiness in your life. Make sure you enjoy the holidays. It can help boost your morale and motivate you face another year of your life.

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