When instructions are not enough, let us help with some tips to paint your house with spray gun correctly! What are you waiting? Read right now!

Spray gun now has played an important role in house decoration thanks to its fast and productive performance. However, because the equipment replaces many tools like mixer and paintbrush at the same time, users might find it complicated.

This article is to help you with all the difficulties in using a spray gun to decorate the house.

Let’s start now!

Get prepared

For safety

When the spray gun release paint, it also releases a great deal of pressure that causes dust particles to fly around. Therefore, to protect your eyes and ears, you should have gases and a pair of hearing protection.

Besides, some paint will give off a strong plastic smell which is harmful to your respiratory system. Please get a filter mask for yourself to avoid inhaling in chemicals.
Rubber gloves are optional, but we recommend it because the paint may cause some problems related to skin.

For painting

Next, we come to the part of making a smooth paint color.
We recommend using the Best HVLP Spray guns because this kind works greatly in painting detailed furniture, cabinets for example.

Besides the spray gun, we need some extra accessories like air hose, pressure regulator, wire brush, and cup brush.
For the paint, grab all the colors you want and don't forget the solvent for flawless coverage.

To test the result, you might need paper, carton, or stick to try spray painting on. The material depends on the surface that you intend to work on. The testing object will probably be useless later, so do not test on something fancy.

Get started

Step 1: assemble parts

It is a crucial step because the final setup will decide how you work.

Let's start with the air hose, regulator, and the spray gun - the three most essential parts of the machine.
Assembly is quite simple because there are only 3 of them. The pressure regulator is to control the velocity of the paint and distance. This part needs to connect directly to the spray gun.

Air hose and the coiled hose will be used to seal the parts. You need some special tape to completely seal the parts together if you have no intention to take them off.

Step 2: Clean the surface

To make sure the finish looks nice, the surface must be smooth, flat, and flawless. Depending on the materials, you can use a brush to wash.

Step 3: Use power brush if necessary

If there is stubborn dirt or rough marks, let’s use the powered brush.

Step 4: Prepare the paint

The paint needs to be mixed before we put it on the container of the spray gun. Choose the color you want, add some solvent to thin the color.

The thinner it is, the more effectively the gun will work. However, too thin paint cannot make the perfect finish.
Do not overuse solvent.

To the best, let's try on the testing object and wait if the surface looks good after drying.

Step 5: Spray skillfully

When you use a spray gun to paint, it is necessary to do it in a fixed distance and velocity. Any changes can make the surface uneven.

Let's do the movement horizontally, little by little.

Wrapping ups,

The most intense part of the whole thing must be assembling and spraying. Just a minor mistake then we will find paintbrush much better. But in fact, the spray gun can create a better surface compared to that of the paintbrush and most importantly, it saves so much time.

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