Social Proof is one of the tools of influence that D. Cialdini talked about in his book,” Influence”. People tend to do what the majority of other people do around them. This is called Social Proof, and this article will explain how you can use it as an advantage in your network marketing business.
Network marketers are a minority in the general population, so social proof is used against us the majority of time.
Social Proof is used to the network marketer’s advantage if he can get someone to his business presentation, because the other distributors at that meeting are taught to “play team”.
Playing team means raising your hand when the presenter raises his/her hand. Playing team means being high energy, positive, attentive, and upbeat. Playing team also means laughing at the presenter’s jokes even when you hear the same jokes every week at your meeting.
I do not consider laughing at a joke that you do not find funny, solely for the purpose of influencing unsuspecting prospects to join your business opportunity, playing team. I consider that to be fake, and if I have to be fake to play team, then I do not want to play team.
Social Proof is used against network marketers at church, because they are in the minority.
The truth is that a lot of people use religion as an excuse for not practicing discipline in their lives. It is easy to blame it on the Devil, or pray to God for help, when things go wrong in our lives as religious people.
Most religious people will pray about problems that they caused with their own lack of discipline, or self-defeating habits.
It is ironic how religious people will tell you that they are supposed to have riches on earth as well as in heaven, but the majority of them handle money with the habits of a poor person. They have a habit of spending money on “stuff”, and they tend to make spending decisions at the height of their emotions.
Often times when a network marketer approaches a religious person with a business opportunity, they are warned not to put their business before God. That network marketer may even be chastised to the point where he might feel like he is going to Hell, just because he has more ambition than everyone else in the church.
Becoming wealthy, or financially free, is usually a lonely journey, because the majority of the population will never be rich. However, being a part of a blog tribe can change this paradigm completely.
Because 2K students are taught to go through large numbers in their marketing efforts, they will find other 3 percenters with the same mindset and work ethic as they have to join the tribe.
This minority mindset will eventually become a majority. Then the Mastermind Principle will be able to be applied, and getting wealthy will suddenly become easier.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach
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