We are located and based in the United States with some work and team members outside the U.S. Our company was founded and started in 2020 after we witnessed the Covid-19 virus and lockdowns decimated small businesses. We knew they needed help getting results online and decided to start Socialtize.io


We are a digital marketing agency focusing on the SMB and self-employed markets. We do SEO, PPC, Social Media and Networking. We have found that small businesses struggle to find the right people and tools to help them grow their online presence. We believe that an online presence plays an integral role in how a business is perceived, especially for small businesses. Social media is the way the world communicates. Social media is not just about connecting with the outside world, but it is about your customer base. This is why we believe that they need to be the owners of their social media accounts and take responsibility for the reach they have. We have been in this industry for some time now and we have watched how the market is changing.


What is social media?

Social media is all about communicating with other people. It is the best way to reach millions of people in minutes by getting help from social media agency. Are you ready to start growing your business? You must be willing to learn and ask your questions because social media is like a maze. You have to do some digging and need to build trust. You are going to have to become part of the solution. When do you start using social media? It depends. You can use social media right now, but it may not be effective. You have to determine how much effort you are willing to put in. You need to understand the power and success that you can achieve. When we started building our business we had limited capital and resources. Therefore, we decided to start small. We created a platform called Impact Search Engine.


Social Media Platforms

We use over 35 different social media platforms. We have full control of who sees our posts and what they see so we have complete control of our social media campaigns and content. We even offer all our affiliates access to live-chat to help with your campaign. Facebook Our Facebook page is where we share our latest content, and have our affiliates available for live-chat. Instagram We have recently expanded our Instagram account. Instagram is a great platform for learning. Posting our own photos, giving advice and linking to different articles. Twitter We use Twitter to post updates about what is going on in the day, share our own content and also share our affiliates’ content with our followers.


How to use social media

Use LinkedIn to find and grow your followers LinkedIn is the best place to find your followers because you don't have to search for them. There is a search bar right on the top of the page, but be sure to do some work to find the right connections! Only connect with people who interest you. We always say you should stay three degrees of separation from anyone else! Be sure to tailor your posts, cover letter, and more to your connections. If you want to get followers on Twitter use Tweets to find out who you should connect with. Or for Instagram, use Instagram's search or Instagram's algorithm to find who to connect with. Do your research and find out who and what they tweet about to get the best tips.



Having a great idea is one thing, turning that idea into a successful business requires much hard work, and it can be challenging at times. Knowing what the key to business success is, and how to achieve that, can be very helpful. This article could have been five times longer, but I'm sure everyone has been a victim of that happenstance. You have done your research and came up with an idea that you can market online with ease. Then you need to make sure you promote that idea as much as possible. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and many other sites can help you accomplish this goal. Social media can definitely help your business grow, but you must dedicate yourself to the process. You must promote the brand and the idea as much as possible.

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