Dropshipping is hot these days. And the reasons why are not going to be a surprise for anyone.
When you have a business model that allows you to resell products for a higher price, you know that your daily activities will get interesting.
The beauty of dropshipping is not only in the profits you'll earn every time you sell an item for a higher price.
No, it hides in the fact that you don't have to keep any physical products in your home or even in a store.
When you drop ship for a living, you don't have to deal with any inventory. Actually, you won't have to deal with many details most business owners find more than annoying.
Such as angry customers, returns, incomplete purchases, and many more of the same kind.
But is starting a dropshipping business a good idea in 2021?
It looks like the idea is better than good - the dropshipping sector has registered consistent growth over the last couple of years.
And the best part is - it doesn't seem like that growth is going anywhere anytime soon.
Just for comparison, let's look at stats:
At the end of 2014, the retail eCommerce sector worldwide has produced $1.3 trillion in sales.
That amount of money jumped to $2.8 trillion by the end of 2018.
So, it's safe to say that dropshipping as a business model has a bright future in the years to come.
Now, why Shopify?
Is Shopify really the best platform anyone can use to build an online store?
In short, yes - it is.
And here is the long version:
Currently, Shopify is the industry leader in the world of eCommerce. Every other online store exists on it.
There are so many reasons why every second aspiring business owner who wants to earn from dropshipping is trusting Shopify.
Firstly, you can launch your business for free. Thanks to the platform's free trial, you don't have to pay anything at all to start a shop.
Secondly, the paid plans are more than affordable. Likewise, once your free trial is over, having a Shopify store will cost you next to nothing each month.
Lastly, Shopify is the ultimate all-in-one solution for people who want to make money dropshipping.
It will allow you to fully customize your store - you can start doing that today by choosing one of the 100 templates available.
Next, the site builder is easy to use - you don't need any coding experience to make it work. That's one of the reasons why Shopify is perfect for beginners.
With that said, the real value of Shopify is in its marketing features.
For example, the platform will make sure your future customers will have the option of flexible payments.
It works with all major credit cards - that's another plus!
How do you feel about the abandoned cart feature? You know, the one that reminds your clients that they haven't completed the purchase yet?
Do you know how much just this feature alone will boost your sales?
Not to mention that Shopify will easily connect with the largest wholesalers in the world.
Quite frankly, we can talk about how valuable Shopify is all day long.
But that is not going to make any difference to your bank account unless you use the platform to start your business.
Once you do that, you'll see for yourself how easy to make money dropshipping using Shopify is.
Who knows, you might become the next wealthy businessman who owns all its fortune to the dropshipping model!
You'll never know until you give it a try.
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