Artists often ask: "What do I need to think about before I start a print promotional campaign?" "How do I decide which promotional tools to use? Do I have to use all of them?"

Start with Your Promotional Identity.

Your audience sees your promotional pieces one at a time, in different places and contexts. You want to build a unified image of your brand in their minds, not fragments. Define a brand identity before you create the bits and pieces you plan to send out. Choose a consistent theme for all of the promotion you do in a given year or period of your art career.

You need a signature to your body of work to be recognizable and you need a clear "signature" for your promotion to be memorable. Your promotion materials don't all have to look the same, but they should have a consistent look and feel. Keep your fonts, colors and overall design consistent with your work.

Every piece you produce should make it easy for people to find you and contact you. Always include:

* Your Name
* Your Company Name
* Your Logo
* Images of Your Work
* Web Site Address
* E-Mail Address
* Telephone Number(s)
* Surface Mail Address

Next Decide the Purpose of Your Promotion.

You usually want to do one of three things:

* Introduce yourself to people who are not familiar with your art
* Give information about your art or events to people who have expressed interest
* Stay in touch with people who know you and like your work

Then Choose the Print Promotion Piece.

You can use most of these tools for more than one reason. Some of them just naturally suit one purpose better than another.

If you want to introduce yourself and your art, use business cards and cover letters.

If you want to give information, use postcards, rack cards, flyers, brochures, catalogues, packets, portfoliios and press releases.

If you want to stay in touch, use newsletters and notecards.

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