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Life serves up all kinds of situations that most people call problems. For most people these problems are sources of upset, dismay, and they are often dealt with in unhealthy and destructive ways. In this post I will describe three momentum mind techniques that have proven to be powerful and effective in dealing with adversities of all kinds. Here they are:

1. Positive Reference Experiences. This technique involves your recollection of a time when you had a pleasant and rewarding experience of a situation that bears some resemblance to the problem you are currently facing. Studies have shown that when we use this type of strategy that we feel better in two ways… first, the reference memory provides a temporary positive moment and we also feel more capable of handling the trying situation as a result… and then second, we respond more constructively and feel good about that.

2. Gratitude Attitude. The next time you are facing a difficult situation pause for a moment, if that’s possible, and write the following title in your Mopad journal, or in a notebook, ” Possible Positive Consequences of Dealing With (fill in the problem) That I May Be Grateful For”. Then write a list 5 possible consequences and notice that you will feel somewhat better.

3. Momentum Mindfulness. Diaphragmatic Breathing and The Relaxation Response are two stress reduction techniques that will help you ground and center yourself to address adversities more constructively. Practicing them regularly will reduce chronic stress and result in being more calm and prepared when problems occur.

If you want to feel better, begin to practice these techniques so that the next time you face an adversity you will be much more capable of cutting it down to size.

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