In this modern world, a mixer grinder is a widely used kitchen appliance that is mainly used for grinding the food ingredients. It replaces many other appliances that help in grinding or mixing tasks in the kitchen. It is required to select a quality mixer grinder as there are numerous models available in the market. Check for a warranty period of 2 to 5 years for your mixer grinder with additional warranty coverage on the motor.

Let’s discuss the different ways to use the mixer grinder effectively.

Performs several tasks
A mixer grinder is a multipurpose appliance that can be used not only for grinding the solids but can also be used for whipping milk to make milkshakes or ice creams. It can be used to grind dry food items, meat, etc.

Ease to use
The mixer grinder is very easy to use. It has different blades for various purposes. It is very easy to clean the blades and the containers.

Easy to maintain
The mixer grinder looks like a complex appliance, but it is very easy to maintain. The container can be easily detached from the appliance. Also, it requires very little space in your kitchen.

Easy to manage
The mixer grinder comes with a set of accessories for different purposes. The quantity of the food item to grind is not a big deal. With the various jars grinding can be done quickly.

Saves time
Having a mixer grinder easily cuts down your time in preparing food and cleaning. Earlier people used to grind or crush the food ingredients using a hand grinder. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete the task. Cleaning was also a difficult task as the hand grinder is heavy and cannot be carried to wash. It needs to be cleaned from the place it is positioned.

Functions of a mixer grinder
The mixer grinder can be used for mixing, blending, and grinding the food ingredients. It usually comes with two jars, one for powdering dry ingredients and one for making wet sauces or chutneys. You can control the speed by selecting the speed knobs as per the requirement. You can also make cream, milkshake, or butter from whipping mode.

Power consumption
Selecting a mixer grinder with high power consumption can grind tough ingredients at a faster speed. A good mixer with 500 to 750 watts is good for home use, and more than 750 to 1500 watts is good for commercial use.

Blades in the mixer grinder do all the work of grinding. Most of the brands of the mixer grinder provide extra blades for other tasks.

Look for a mixer grinder that fits your budget, check some models here: However, numerous inexpensive models do not have many features. Ensure you select a perfect mixer grinder that fulfills your wishes to grind, mix or make juice easily. Also, you have to look at your accessories and adequate power to use for your needs. A good mixer grinder can be used for multiple tasks.

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