According to the statistics, the Instagram owns more than 700 million monthly active users. This signifies the potential of Instagram and how you can use it to promote your online business. With the increasing demand of internet world, different tactics are used to promote your online business over social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the highly used social platforms.

Now, if you have started your online business and are planning to promote it via social media, how can Instagram help you in increasing your products visibility? Well, here are some tactics that you should follow to boost your brand visibility on Instagram.

Start with Business Account: The biggest mistake some of the newcomers make is to build a common profile on Instagram. This social platform allows you to create personal or business account that can help the team of Insta to distinguish between person and brand. So, you need to create a brand account and set up the entire profile that proves your identity.

Use Third Party Apps: There is always a saturation point when it will become hard to boost your audience. There you will need a third party promotion application that can promote your business channel and grow your visibility. There are many freemium as well as premium online tools that you can use to grow your Instagram audience that will exponentially take your brand to the next level. Gramlike is one such application that offers you paid services of post engagement that is beneficial for your brand account.

Show Your Creativity Consistently: There are two major factors i.e. Creativity & Consistency that will help you engage your followers and promote your brand. It depends upon your creativity and how to express through the graphics medium. The visual content nowadays becomes viral in no time, unless it’s something unique and appealing.

Be Versatile With Your Insta Content: You already know that Instagram offers you versatile format i.e. Single Image, Short Video, and Carousel which you can use according to the need of the hour. These different formats will be helpful to offer distinct content to your audience every time they visit their Insta timeline.

Use Mention: It’s not hard at all to connect with any big brand when you are promoting your content. With the use of Mentions, you can easily connect with a particular brand/person and share your message. This is one of the best ways to promote your post to famous brands in Insta family.

Don’t Forget Hashtag: The use of hashtags has been a boon for people who use Instagram as a business tool. The Hashtags are highly recommended to enhance your post reach and connect your post to a particular event. On special events, the trending hashtags can be smartly used in your post to get better results from your audience.

So, if you are taking Instagram as a strong tool to promote your business online, you need to explore much and get many other possible scopes. In short, you can easily use Instagram to take your business stand out of the crowd and boost your overall sales.

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