How to Hum Your Way Back to Health

Can you keep an open mind about knowledge that is NOT scientific? I have to force
myself not to giggle at beliefs and practices of non-scientific cultures. But, recent
research on Tibetan practices have proven as real as a heart attack.

Do you have to be a computer scientist to surf the Internet and make satisfying
discoveries? How about being an electrical engineer in order to throw the light
switch? Do you need a degree from Ford on auto mechanics to drive your car?

Physical Healing

Your own voice can MASSAGE your internal organs (mind-body connection).
The objective is using your Electromagnetic Field in furtherance of healing and

Wait - an EEG (electroencephalogram) invented by Hans Berger, German scientist,
measures brainwaves including Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta in cycles per seconds.
Discovered in the 1930s, it is still a valid area of research of the human electromagnetic field. It was originally dismissed by science as Science Fiction.

So What

The Life Energy (Chee) located in meridians (channels) is the animating force of humans. So far, science has not pinpointed it and considers it Science Fiction.
You can do your own mind experiment and decide if it has personal value in healing.

Elongated Vowel Sounds

Humming vowel sounds are recommended by Tibetan priests as vibrations that
relax your mind, reduce or eliminate pain, and aid in healing body structures and
systems. Test the premise because it is easy as pie to learn and implement.


Two-minutes of Toning (humming) conditions and programs your Nonconscious mind. It is your Nonconsciousness including your Nervous-Immune-Limbic systems
that excite your mind-body connection for healing and repair.

It is your consciousness that sends your goals for healing to your nonconscious systems, and humming is part and parcel of using your conscious mind.

Did you know that our conscious mind has broadband capacity of up to 40 Hertz
(cycles per second) - while your nonconscious systems (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems) have a capacity of 11 MILLION cycles per second. Yet, we consider ourselves driven by consciousness, right?


U - vibrates in your Pelvis, hips, feet, legs, and LOWER body. Prostate gland.

O - vibrates in your abdomen (solar plexus to groin) and LOWER trunk.

A – vibrates in your body as a whole – including your Chest and Heart.

E – vibrates in your head, back of your skull, throat, chest and brain.


Breath is inhaling energy that communicates a mental movie or image to our
Nonconscious mind – the right-hemisphere that with emotion, produces healing.

Wait – our goal is to use humming (toning) to restore our healthy vibrational
frequency (electromagnetic field) to our Mind-Body connection. Remember,
your voice belongs to your physical body.


a) Find your sound Volume comfort-zone. Is it loud or soft?
b) Discover your sound Length comfort-zone. Long or short?
c) Test to find your natural PITCH.
d) Test U-O-A-E vowels – we learn more by doing, not guessing.
e) Notice how your fears and stress dissolve in two-minutes.
f) SECRET: When using a vowel: mentally visualize before and
during inhaling, the part of the body you wish to heal.

The objective is to use your humming the vowel, as a laser beam to aid healing
in your specific mind-body connection.

What Else

Pay attention to your vowel sound patterns. Do not go on autopilot. Feel the sound
in a specific structure of your body. Describe to yourself how it feels – warm, cold,
sharp or dull? What occurs when you soften the vowel tone or raise it louder?

Do you react the same? Do you feel calmer – expel your fears and stress?
Can your mix the short and long tones? Do you feel a sense of harmony, balancing
and cooperation? Remember, you control your vowel vibrations, so play with it.


Each vowel opens a specific structure or system of your body. If you spend two-minutes (daily) on toning your humming, you are will see a difference in 7-days.

The secret is mentally VISUALIZING the area of your mind-body connection you
are trying to affect. It is not humming alone or visualizing alone, you need to combine both. And add emotion for maximum effect. When you EXHALE – make
the humming audible.


1. Smiling while you hum changes your mindset and emotions. Sure, it is
a phony smile, but your nonconsciousness accepts it as reality.
2. A great Mantra is OM (pronounced AOM). Try the mantra HOOM
like the word WHOM. Two-minutes and you are connected.
3. Humming will seriously improve your thinking, learning and both
short-term and long-term memory.
4. See if humming improves your blood pressure rate up to 15%.
5. Use earplugs to discharge distractions when toning.

That is enough – the folks who will try this experiment are Inquiring Minds. Start
and you may be surprised at the interesting results.

This article is NOT given as medical advice. It is a review of material that appears to support humming. We do NOT suggest you attempt to heal yourself. Consult with your medical physician, not use this or any article as a model.

Se ya,

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