Everyone today is concerned with playing their part in promoting environmental sustainability. One way to ensure this is lessening their carbon footprint. In the real estate market, environmentally inclined properties are more likely to appeal more to the ever-growing number of green-minded millennials. Read on to discover how to use green attributes to market your rental property.

Green living is popular than ever before in the home construction and home décor market. In the construction stage, the proper elevation, durable materials, and square footage are essential factors. Equally important is the consideration of green attributes throughout the whole construction process with a minimal carbon footprint. For any property owner, capitalizing on greet attributes such as the following will give your rental property an edge over others.

LEED certification

Assurance is an important aspect when appealing to potential renters who are mindful of green living. Therefore, LEED certification is an important consideration. This certification signifies achieving sustainable development. Property with LEED certification guarantees efficiency, health, and cost savings. Green rental properties are likely to attract about 9.1 percent more premiums compared to others without LEED certification.

Solar panel installation

Investing in a residential solar system is another idea to appeal to green-minded renters. Solar energy lessens carbon footprint, lowers utility bills, and offers consistent power. To go Solar in Napa requires finding professional and reliable solar installers. These should have industry experience and expertise for a flawless installation process. Additionally, it’s very important to choose a solar company among the elite SunPower dealers. This will ensure that you get quality panels that will give you good value for money.

Energy Star compliance

Finally, you can market your rental property by presenting it as energy star compliant. This is a measure of energy efficiency according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). it’s mainly concerned with energy efficient appliances and fixtures in a home. All green buildings are issues with the Energy Star symbol to recognize the efforts of the developer in lessening their carbon footprint and promoting energy efficiency.

Potential market for green rental property

Millennials are usually more inclined to consider green rental property especially single-family homes. These have a semi-nomadic lifestyle that makes them receptive to innovations. Additionally, millennials are more updated and conscious about what’s happening around them. Therefore, they are quick to take up challenges that affect their careers, freedom, and independence. Living in a green home allows millennials to spend less on energy, promote environmental sustainability, and have the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle without worry about energy loss.

Green rental properties offer millennials chance to promote sustainability while enjoying its immense benefits without compromising their freedom. Apart from property with wide street lines, a yard, and solar panels is definitely very appealing today. Apart from enjoying the above perks, renters won’t have to worry about environmental sustainability or skyrocketing energy bills.


For any property owner looking forward to getting an edge in the market, the above green attributes are necessary to include in your property. Green living attributes will significantly benefit the renter and the property owner in the long run.

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