In this article I want to share with you a very simple internet technique to drive targeted traffic to your sites in order to start these targets on a dedicated, tailor-made conversion programme...

...and it is all based on Google AdWords - one of the most targeted advertising systems available!

As you are probably aware if you type a search into Google you will see down the right hand side of the page a column of adverts related to that search - these are Google AdWords. These adverts are targeted and have been triggered by the word or phrases you have typed in as your search query... not everyone will see these adverts as they are specific on word and location!

All the advertiser needs to do is select their words and location in the AdWords parameters and away they go - highly targeted traffic and prospective clients / customers every time. The other really powerful things about these adverts is you get to set the budget you want to spend (so if the advert is not working you do not waste a great deal of money) and they also allow you to run alternative adverts at the same time as a split tests. This way you can keep refining and honing your adverts so you are not running anything that is ineffective (unlike Yellow Pages where once you have submitted it you have to run it for a year).

This is the important bit though...

To get the most from Google AdWords they need to be highly targeted - instead of just running adverts for "Mountain Bikes in London" for example you need to be running adverts targeting "Mountain Bikes For Sale", "What Are Mountain Bikes", "Mountain Bikes and Off-Road Cycling" and "Mountain Bikes in {Your Town}".

I am not going to cover how to set up a Google AdWords account here - trust me that it is straight forward (and if not a quick search on Google itself will point you in the right direction!).

You need to narrow the search to become very specific in who and what you are targeting and you need to narrow the search area as much as possible so you are only targeting those who will travel to you.

The next part is the clincher though...

You need to send this traffic to specific sites / squeeze pages / pages on your site that are targeted to that search criteria. Do not send them to your generalised homepage where they will be bombarded with information they aren't interested in - send them to a specific page which deals solely with what they were looking for.

At this stage they aren't interested in all the other things you can do, background on your staff or your opening times. That comes later when you have converted them from being an interested observer into a prospective customer or client. You don't want to give them too many options which may stun them into taking no action at all - you need to take them to a page will the only options are focused on their presenting need.

On this page you will then present them with a couple of things: firstly you can have a video of you discussing their requirements along with a little information and specifics about what are the best things to look for in whatever it is they are looking for, and secondly you want to offer them the chance to opt in to find out via email further information and useful advice. Both of these options need to be presented in the top half of the screen so they don't have to start moving the screen up and down and playing with the cursor or whatever - anything in fact which may make them move away from your page.

The next step is you will then need to set up individual email accounts where you can feed them information directly related to their initial search. This is easy to do with any of the autoresponder companies and by doing so it allows you to build up a highly targeted email list - which you can continue to market to for years.

So you are using target Google AdWords to send interested prospects to a targeted web site or web page where you are then giving them targeted and specific information! Everything is automated and everything is specific to their search. You are not sending interested prospects to a general site where they are bombarded with information about you and all the things you can do - it is all honed and specific... just like how you are in business!

Once you get them into this email sequence you can start converting them into targeted paying clients:

Initially you want to give them some basic information - more along the lines of what they can do or what they should be looking for rather than exactly how to do it! Include in this email testimonials from clients you have helped successfully and brilliantly. Next you want to email them a special coupon or discount voucher targeted to their initial search criteria (once they have been on your list for a while you can start making them aware of the other conditions you can deal with and give them vouchers for themselves or family etc.). The next step is to cover a few of the frequently asked questions concerning your business and what you do - again covering each one with a testimonial from existing clients saying how you dealt with them fantastically!

Using this sequence of specific sites / pages / emails you won't get a 100 percent conversion but you will get a far higher conversion rate than just using your adverts to send them to a generic home page... and if you have enough of these targeted individual sites you will get exponential practice growth.

Author's Bio: 

W.J. Simmons has been involved in complementary health for over 25 years as both practitioner and lecturer. During this time he noticed that there was a wide discrepancy between how successful individual clinics were - a difference which had very little to do with the skill of the practitioner.

Learning from these successful practitioners allowed him to develop a system of easy to implement, ethical ideas for practice growth - the Exponential Practice Growth programme. To get your free 16 step report guaranteed to boost your own client base go to