Call center solution is one of the most widely used products developed with the best VoIP development practices. There are many companies that use call center software to run their calling campaigns, unlike the earlier time when only call centers and BPOs were using the power of this powerful tool. To match the pace with the growing technological trends, the companies need more advanced features in the call center solution and that is why the developers have started adding impressive features which reduce manual efforts to increase efficiency and speed.

The call routing is one of the major functions in the call center software. Generally, there is more than one call routing rule available in the call center solution. Furthermore, different providers offer different sets of rules to route the calls to the right agent. The supervisors or an admin set call routing rules based on the nature of the campaign.

Yes, the call routing rule needs to be set based on the nature of the campaign. To delight customers, the call routing strategies can also be changed on time to time. Let me explain in more details with examples.

The skill based call routing rule is one of the best strategies to increase customer delight. Whenever a call comes in, the call center solution routes the call to the agent who is most skilled to attend the customer. This gives more than 70% of customer satisfaction. Many concerns of the customers even get resolved within the first call. Thus, this call routing strategy has to be used when you are running a calling campaign for multiple products or solutions.

On the other hand, if there is only one product or if there is a company that represents your agents as their in-house team to delight customers, in this case, the sticky agent call routing feature available in the call center solution is the right choice. The sticky agent makes sure that every time a call comes in, it goes to the same agent who attended the call of the customer last time. It means every time, the customer gets to talk with the same executive. This is amazing to build a great rapport with the customer. It is perfect in which the clients call frequently for different reasons or when there is a long term support contract. To make this model perfectly work, some call center software solutions also provide call forwarding to the same agent to his mobile phone number if he is absent in the office.

One more very interesting call routing rule is the longest idle agent call routing, it means the call is routed to the agent that is idle for longer than any other agent. This makes sure all agents are delivering their best output and all resources are used perfectly.

The call center solution comes with multiple call routing rules and one can use all of them to increase customer satisfaction. One can also switch from one rule to another to do some testing to see which works the best for the ongoing campaign.

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Mehul Shah works in a company that offers call center solution, call center CRM integration, VICIDial customization, contact center software and more.