The call center solution is an amazing tool for any company. It comes with a wide range of features which empowers the sales, lead generation and customer support operations. It is difficult to talk about all features available in the call center solution in a single article. Thus, we are going to cover one feature available in the call center solution: Call Routing Rules.

The call routing is one feature, but it comes with sub-features. One call center solution can have various call routing rules and each call center solution can have different call routing rules. The most common call routing rules are listed below:

• Round robin
• Random
• Available or idle agent

The advanced call routing rules are listed below:

• Sticky agent
• Skill based call routing
I strongly recommend using the skill based call routing rule as the default one. This assures that the call is handed to the agent that is the most skilled to take this call and it is obvious that the skilled agent will increase the chances of success. Whether you are using an inbound or outbound calling method, you must use this rule if you are handling fresh calls. It means the customers calling for the first time or getting our call for the first time should be handled by the most skilled agent or executive.

The sticky agent call routing is perfect for building good customer relationship. In this type of call routing, every time a customer is calling, the call center solution routes the call to the same agent so the customer can have a personalized conversation. It also resolves the concern of the customer quickly or gives a confidence that the problem will be resolved. The sticky agent call routing feature is usually used only in the inbound calling campaigns. It is most preferable in customer care and customer grievance handling departments or campaigns.

The call center or company can also use other type of call routing rules based on their need. For example, some call center solutions provide a call routing feature, the least talk time call routing. In this case, the call is routed to the agent or executive that has not handled enough calls today. This helps in making sure that the call center utilize each employed agent or executive and everyone gives the best performance. It also helps in increasing productivity in the call center or a company.

Each call center or a company is different and each of them has a different model of operations. Furthermore, the campaigns vary from one to another and one call routing rule should not be applied to all campaigns in any company or call center. Based on the company, its policies, its customers, its campaigns, its staff and the skills of the staff members and other factors one should choose the most useful and productive call routing rule. This tip should also be kept in mind at the time of purchasing the call center software so you find and buy the call center solution that fits into your business at the best.

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Mehul works in a company that offers the call center solution, call center CRM integration, VICIDial customization and related services and solutions.