Call center software is one of the renowned solutions gifted by VoIP technologies. In the past, this solution was used only in the call centers, KPOs, BPOs, and similar organizations. Many changes were made in the past few years in the call center solution . The technological inventions made this solution even more powerful. These advancements in the solution benefited different organizations. These days, the companies use call center solution in diversified industry verticals. One of the industry verticals that can get benefited by using this system is insurance companies and agencies.

The insurance agencies can use this solution to run different campaigns. The use of this solution bestows many benefits to the insurance industry. In this article, some of the features, use, and benefits of call center software are explained.

1. Dialers and call controls

The call center solution offers different dialers such as the predictive dialer, auto dialer, progressive dialer, preview dialer, manual dialer, etc. The insurance companies can use different dialers in different campaigns to call leads that can buy the insurance products. The insurance agents can also use call script, call hold and retrieve, mute and un-mute, and many other features related to call controls to assure each prospect call is handled professionally.

2. Call routing and call controls

One of the major features available in the call center software is call routing. A single call center solution can have multiple call routing rules to offer such as advanced call routing, skill-based call routing, most idle agent call routing, sticky agent, etc. The call center solution will route all incoming calls as per the selected call routing rules to an agent. The caller can be a prospect or a customer. A well defined call routing rules and call controls help in increasing customer satisfaction in an insurance company. This helps in selling more policies to the same customer or his family and friends. The call center software can be used in increasing sales if the call is received from the prospect.

3. Reports

Business and ROI of insurance agencies are dependent on the performance of different insurance products and policy terms. The reports in the call center solution offer a clear view of the performance of different insurance products. At the same time, insurance companies can also identify low performing policies and products. Based on the reports, the insurance companies can define marketing strategy, featured products, sales techniques, and many other metrics. The reports will also give information about the agents’ performance while handling different customers and insurance products. Based on the given metrics, the companies can define which products are performing well and which are not. Based on the performance many things can be decided such as roles and responsibility, performance, etc.

These are the top 3 usages of call center solution in insurance companies. There are many more benefits such as reminding customers about due policy premium, adding a nominee name, etc. The insurance agencies can take benefit of defining marketing products and strategies, executing the same efficiently and increasing sales. The business of any insurance company can be doubled by using a call center solution.

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