After coming out of a Bokashi container once the fermenting procedure is complete, the Bokashi pre-compost still needs to continue to decompose even further in order to completely allow access to all of it’s contained minerals and vitamins.

Almost all the difficult work has been carried out and fortunately, because of the effective microorganisms (EM) inside this mixture, the process is fairly brief too.

Before making use of the Bokashi compost in the yard, it's important to drain off all unnecessary liquid from the mix. It is not terribly harmful if you forget to do this, nevertheless an excessive amount of Bokashi juice within the soil could cause damage for your crops. When the liquid is removed, you're all set to make use of the Bokashi precompost in your yard.

The final stage of the process will be to cover your Bokashi precompost with not less than a few inches of regular outdoor earth and then to leave for in the region of two to four weeks to completely breakdown. After that time, the waste should be unrecognisable. It'll look and feel much like rich, darkish, nutritious compost. In some cases, mainly at colder temperatures, the Bokashi compost may take a bit more time to fully breakdown. If this happens, and you are able to still distinguish different kitchen waste, all you need to do is to cover the mix just as before and leave for another few weeks.

It's important to take into consideration where you are going to bury the pre-compost prior to digging, because planting above the pre-compost before it has fully decomposed could actually harm the plants. One approach is to bury the pre-compost in a bed you expect to plant up several weeks down the road. One more approach is to devote an area of the yard to this system, relocating the finished compost to your beds or pots soon after the operation is completely complete. Your choice of procedure will most likely depend on the type of yard as well as the amount of space you have available. Both the techniques are effective, and you can expect to end up with extremely nutritious compost.

After you’ve selected your position, the procedure is incredibly simple.

1 Dig a trough or hole almost a foot deep
2 Pour In the Bokashi precompost
3 Bury the compost by using 4-6 inches of earth (The process will be speedier if you first bury the compost with two inches of soil, mix the and soil with each other thoroughly, and then cover the mixture with a further few inches of earth)
4 Stay away for two to four weeks

Now, the Bokashi composting operation is done. Your scraps have been turned into nutritious, moisture retentive, high-quality compost.

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You can very likely tell, we really love Bokashi Composting. We think it is the best way of recycling food waste, and is excellent as a kitchen compost bin. Bokashi is quick, easy and affordable. It's an awesome way for you to do your bit for the environement, to help keep waste materials out of landfill, and to generate excellent quality garden compost in your home.