In my last article, (Secrets of Taming Your Inner Caveman) I pointed out how normal everyday annoyances are being interpreted by your nervous system (which is intimately linked to your energy system) as crises or life-and-death dangers. These annoyances can include a wide range of events like

• An argument with your spouse
• Exchanges of ‘hand signals’ with a fellow motorist
• A less-than-favorable conversation with your boss
• The constant diet of doom and gloom from daily news reports

…and the list goes on and on.

These everyday events can trigger stress responses in your body that are the same responses that get triggered when you’re confronted with real danger. You secrete stress hormones that never get used because there’s no predator to flee from or attacker to fight against. When you consider the effect that these unprocessed hormones have on your health, it’s easy to understand why stress-related diseases are higher now than at any other time in the history of the human race!

Drugs like Prozac have not only been shown to be no more effective than placebos, they carry with them some nasty side effects.

What if there was a way for you to retrain the control system that governs the stress response so that it responded more appropriately to situations that we’re faced with every day. The fact of the matter is that there is such a way and it’s easy. Best of all, it doesn’t require and medications, supplements or devices.

The energy ‘circuit’ in your body that controls the stress response is one of the acupuncture meridians called Triple Warmer (TW).

Meridians are energy pathways that transport subtle energy throughout your body. Like all of the other meridians in your body, TW has a specific function it performs. If we were to draw an analogy between the meridians in your body and a town, TW would be the National Guard. It’s job has always been to ensure the survival of the species and it does so by keeping us safe from danger. The other energy pathway of importance for this discussion is the Spleen Meridian.

If TW is the National Guard, then Spleen Meridian is our loving Grandmother. Spleen Meridian is the foundation of the immune system. Whenever TW goes into overdrive (which has become normal in our society), it can and it does conscript energy from every other energy system in the body except for the Heart Meridian. And the first system it steals energy from is the Spleen Meridian.

So is it any wonder that we’re seeing stress and anxiety at epidemic levels on one hand, and auto-immune disorders at record levels on the other hand?

I promised in my last article that I’d show a way to start re-educating TW, but I’m almost out of space for this article. So, I’ve made a free video just for you that demonstrates a couple of techniques you can use that will help to calm Triple Warmer. These techniques have the added benefit of helping you to calm down in the face of stress.

You can view this video by going to

Enjoy the video and please share your thoughts or questions with me.

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Ron Matthews is a Certified Energy Medicine practitioner who spent the first 30 years of his adult life as an electromagnetic physicist and an avid student of Qigong and Taiji Quan. Ron has a robust Energy Medicine practice and has written several Energy Healing home-study courses covering a wide range of applications. Visit his site at