Most modern printers support wireless network connections so, you can print wirelessly. You can easily connect a wireless printer to the Wi-Fi network that allows you to print items from both Mac and Windows laptops. People who don’t have a Wi-Fi printer can still make an installation. Here we will discuss how to connect a Wi-Fi printer for using it.

Printing to a Wi-Fi Printer:

Connecting the printer to your home Wi-Fi:

The process of connecting the printer to your home Wi-Fi varies based on the printer’s model.

• To connect your printer through Ethernet, make a connection between the Ethernet port and the router port or network switch port. You may need this procedure for an Ethernet printer.
• To connect your Wi-Fi printer, use the LCD screen of the printer to make a connection with your wireless network. You just have to select the wireless SSID to provide the Wi-Fi password. As the process varies from one printer to another, you can refer to the manual of a printer for accurate instructions.

Connecting printer to PC (Windows):

Once the installation of a printer on the home network is over, you can look for the connection to your laptop or PC. The instructions are common for all windows versions.

• Go to the Start menu and search for a control panel option. Click on it to open its page. In Mac, you should go for System preferences to get the devices option.
• Select Devices and Printers option. You can also select View devices and printers that will come in some PC.
• Now, click Add a printer option. You will get the names of printers from which select your printer model name.
• Follow the on-screen instructions or prompts to finish the installation of printer drivers. Sometimes, the windows may not find the drivers, in such case download drivers using the printer’s manufacturer website of support.

Using a Wi-Fi Printer:

Soon after connecting the PC to your Wi-Fi printer, you can start using it. To print, the required pages or files follow the below steps.

1. Both the PC and Wi-Fi printer should be in ON condition already while connecting both of them. Follow the steps to add a printer to a PC or laptop.
2. After making a connection between the PC and printer, now it’s time to print the necessary things. Open the file or word document or any information on chrome.
3. Once you open the necessary document for printing, you can go to the File option of the PC or laptop. Then choose the print option. Now, you can select the pages to initiate the printing.
4. You can also go for the shortcut keys option. Press Ctrl+P for windows or Command+P in case of Mac computer.

5. The dialog box for the print option will open. Now select the printer and its location to click the print. Now, the command will print your items. Ensure that you follow the right steps to avoid some common problems in the printer like paper struck, light text to read, etc.
It is easy to use the Wi-Fi printers for getting your job done, as you can follow the above steps for easy printing.

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