Microwave ovens have made life a lot easier. When they first graced our life with their presence, they were primarily used for reheating leftovers and frozen dishes, but now they can do so much more than that. They allow us to cook different kinds of dishes quickly and effortlessly. In fact some of them can even be used to bake a cake.

Not all microwave ovens are created equally. Some of them have higher degrees of power and you have to adjust the cooking time so your dish will not over or undercooked. It usually takes people a few attempts before they can cook al dente pasta with a microwave pasta cooker, especially if they are using different serving sizes. If you want pasta noodles cooked perfectly, just follow this simple guide to help you cook them.

1.Carefully measure the amount of uncooked pasta noodles you need. Microwave cookers have holes that serve as a guide to how much pasta you will need to use, so just place the noodles on the hole that corresponds to the number of people you want to serve. These holes can usually be found at the top or at the sides of your pasta cooker, it depends on the brand you are using.

2.Once you have placed the pasta noodles on your microwave pasta cooker, add water to it. Just fill it until you reach the water line that corresponds to the amount of pasta noodles you used. Don’t worry because pasta cookers usually have guides for the amount of pasta and water to be used that corresponds to different serving sizes.

3.When you place your pasta cooker in your microwave oven, do not place a lid on it. Just leave it uncovered, then set your microwave oven to high or according to what your pasta cooker’s instruction chart says. Usually, 12 minutes is just right for one serving of pasta, 13 minutes for two servings, 14 minutes for three servings, and 15 minutes for four servings.

4.When your pasta is done cooking on the microwave, take it out and strain out the water. You’re now ready to serve it, all you need is to add the sauce. If you are using lasagna noodles, immediately rinse them in cold water after you have strained them to prevent them from sticking together.

Do not worry if you do not get it the first time. This is very common because some microwave ovens are less powerful than others. To prevent the pasta from becoming overcooked, set your microwave oven with the least amount of time recommended on the pasta cooker’s cooking chart. Then just add more time if you need to. Take note of the time you set so you can use it for future references. Once you have figured out the timer settings, every pasta dish you prepare will be perfect.

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