Updating a bedroom is a satisfying and instantaneous way of getting the most out of your bedroom and it’s surprisingly easy to do, here are a few simple tips:

1. Introduce some cushions to bring about different colours and textures to a tired room. Adding in the right number of decorative cushions in the best fabrics gives an instant update to a bed.

2. You can also alter your wall decorations. If your old pics are looking dated and tired, have a look at purchasing some new cheap prints online. Or if you want to keep your images, freshen things up with some new frames with a different colour or material.

3. Get familiar with luxury – some people are put off buying luxury bedding as they think it will be out of their bed linen budget, but good quality bedding need not cost the earth. Cotton is one of the most sought-after fabrics for deluxe duvets and fine flatted sheets, so make sure you check the price tag – you might be pleasantly surprised!

4. Buy bed linen online with sites such as Dusk.com where you can find the ultimate in luxury cotton bedding.

5. Slide in some new scents with a few strategically placed candles. Large lantern-inspired candles can lighten up the floor but at the same time bring in some gentle light. Just remember to position them in a safe place so you don’t knock them over!

6. Invest in cotton bedding to ensure you are getting the best quality. 100% cotton has a high-quality feel, is durable, strong and very easy to maintain.

7. Go green with some new plants, they don’t have to be real if you don’t have time to maintain them. There are a lot of different artificial plants with an authentic look and feel. The colour will also bring in a calming effect.

8. Invest in a new bedding set. Because the bed is often the centre piece of a bedroom, it can make a dramatic difference when you introduce a new pattern, this can be particularly the case with double bedding sets and luxury king size bedding sets that take a large portion of the room and dominate the immediate visual impact. For some of the most affordable, yet high quality white bedding sets, take a look at our sale.

9. Welcome some white. If your room is bright and bold, then swapping your duvet and sheets for some luxury white bedding can be a particularly dramatic change. White is the colour of choice for many boutique hotels and it is so for a reason.

10. And finally, keep up to date with sales! It’s an obvious one but if you are on the lookout for inexpensive updates to your bedroom, then you’ll want to keep an eye on our luxury bed linen sale at Dusk, so you don’t end up disappointed!

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From design to production, the DUSK Bedding team works tirelessly to create bedding you will love at affordable prices without affecting the luxurious feel and quality we aim for. We hand select all the materials that go into making our range and work directly with the mill to produce beautiful bedding designed to our unique specifications. Each item is then tried and tested by the team to meet our high expectations of linen bedding sets before being made available to purchase from our website DUSK.com.