ICloud is a computing storage service created by Apple and came out December 20, 2012. The service is free for up to 5 G and expandable for larger needs. It replaces MobileMe.

According to Steve Jobs, the former general manager of the company until August 25, 2011, iCloud is a digital revolution, replacing computer as the central place of data collection for music, applications, photos, Address book, calendars, and documents. These files can now be easily synchronized on iCloud servers, making the computer a simple terminal as well as smart phones or digital players.

How to unlock iCloud in an easy way
Some people are getting crazy with problem of having unusable iPhone and iPad. Most problems are caused by dysfunctioning of the iCloud. As we know, iCloud needs verification from the very first owner before the second possessor can start to use the phone. If you buy second hand iPhone, you will be asked to enter the original owner’s Apple identity and password. This kind of feature is aimed to prevent theft activity. But, you also will find this case as if you buy a second-hand product. If you wonder how to unlock iCloud in an easy way, this article may be a great help for you.

How to unlock iCloud by yourself
Before you start to buy a second-hand iPhone and iPad, you must ask to the seller about the former owner. Please do it in general and smoothly because we don’t know what kind of deal they do in getting the phone. It may be stolen somewhere from someone. If you can get the past owner information, you can contact them and ask for help in getting the password.
How to unlock iCloud by using expert help
If you are already frustrated by not getting personal information of the previous owner of your second hand iPhone, you may start to consider about getting an expert help. Don’t ever think to do it by yourself if you aren’t some sort of hacker or expert in programming skill of gadget. Apple is very strict in creating access for theft to steal or even hack their serial number of each product. By seeking for professional help in trusted company, you just need allotted time to pay for the service and their employers will have it done for you without any inconvenience.
You have to find the best site and it must be trusted. Look at the former customer review. Thus, if you don’t find any review in the website, please consider to look for the other ones. The unlock service company must be good at speed of response and provide both reasonable and affordable price for you. Please check their certificate issue regards to official Apple iCloud servers and make sure that it has been verified.
If you are a second-hand owner of iPhone and iPad product from Apple, I am sure that you may find these tips about how to unlock iCloud in an easy way useful. Now you can enjoy this iCLoud feature to share your beautiful moment in every day, in every occasion, every time.

Take Advantage of iCloud drive
At WWDC 2014, Tim Cook launched iCloud Drive, the successor to iDisk, a competitor to Dropbox and Google Drive. This service allows you to synchronize documents and files via folders accessible from the OS X Yosemite Finder. It works from iCloud and is compatible with OS X, Windows and iOS.
The storage limit for emails, documents and backups is 5 GB free, excluded Photos uploaded by Photo Streams, as well as data purchased on Apple's platforms: iTunes Store, App Store, IBooks Store. The company is proposing to expand this capacity through finance. For the photo stream, images are stored on iCloud for 30 days, waiting to be downloaded to all devices. This is however not the case for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite in which Photo Stream has been replaced by Photo Library.

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