Post travel depression is real, very real, just like the back of your hand. And it is better to admit it rather than run away from it. Before you begin your vacation, you are excited about the new destination and all the new experiences that wait for you. However, once the vacation is over, you may not want to return to the reality of your life, even though it is not as gloomy as it seems to you.

Some people feel that they don’t like to be in the routine of living a boring life, earning bread-butter, and paying the bills. Others miss the freedom of waking up at their will and going wherever they want. Even though the reasons behind the post-travel depression are many, you can still do a few things to heal yourself at the earliest.

Sort through your emotions 

Humans have a complicated mind, and it is better to accept that fact rather than run away from it. You must honor that you are capable of feeling different emotions. When you are sad that your trip should have lasted a little longer, let it be. If you want to feel nostalgic about your trip, look at the photos from the best locations you had been to, and sit down with a cup of coffee for a while. It is no use forcing your mind to suppress your emotions because it creates more problems in the long term.

Be a local tourist

People often have a tendency to undervalue their own towns. You can be a local tourist in the town where you live, and explore the places where all tourists go. Visit the famous eateries, museums, and monuments where you never thought of going. Do what you never thought of doing in your city. If you want a break from life, book a hotel room for a couple of nights and live like a tourist. If you live in a metropolitan, you may even hire Car Rentals in Mumbai, Delhi, etc. and roam around the famous places. Being a local tourist does not cost you much money, and it brings fresh thoughts to your mind in an alternate but better reality.

Research about your next trip

If you can afford to go for a trip again soon, you must start researching about it when you feel low thinking about your previous vacation. There is a lot to be researched about a new place, even if you have already been there several times. If you cannot afford it at the moment, you can live vicariously through the travel photos of other people, though you must never feel jealous of them. Everyone’s life is different, and they might have their own issues, even though they may seem at leisure.

If you had been traveling abroad for a few months or years, you may feel isolated in your country. You need to blend with your old friends and relatives, make efforts on your own, and never mention your travel experiences too frequently until someone asks you. Be grateful that you were able to travel around the world, while many people still struggle to fulfill their basic needs. Live in the present, plan for the future, but never regret the past.

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