House removals have been a dreaded term due to the immense toil and labor involved in doing so. Likewise undertaking piano removals seems to be a huge task! Many people think that it only requires muscles to do the piano shifting whereas protecting the instrument from potential damage must be the top priority!

Pay heed to the following points in order to get the piano removals done the right way:

  • Use the Right Equipment for the Task:

People who undertake piano removals in London are well trained in doing so because they have the right equipment for the task. Three crucial things that you will require are the piano dollies, straps, and padding. Additionally, the kind of shifting types of equipment are also based on the type of piano:

  • Grand Piano: you will require a piano skid board or a piano board to move the grand piano with ease. These boards will require strapping as well as padding types of equipment. 
  • Upright Piano: such pianos can be easily shifted by using dollies!
  • Choose the Moving Truck that fits the Size Requirements:

Since most of the pianos are custom based and come in a number of shapes and sizes, so take appropriate measurements and choose the right sized truck for your piano. Additionally, those who hire piano movers in London are in a win-win situation as they get the task done in a smooth manner!

  • Clear off the Paths and Review it thoroughly:

Since you need to move it all through the place where the truck is situated, so make sure to keep the moving path as clear as possible. Remove anything that can act as a probable obstruction! If you have to take the piano down the stairs then make sure that the stairs will be able to bear the weight of the piano else adopt some other routes.

  • Piano specific steps to be Kept in Mind:

While undertaking the house removals in Wapping you will have to do so with patience and planning else getting professional help will seem to be quite ideal! In case you are moving an upright piano, so make sure that the dollies are suited to bear the weight of the piano. In case of a grand piano, secure it on a piano board using straps and screwdriver.

  • Load it Carefully and Tune it shortly after the Move:

Unlike the top class removals in Shoreditch, you will have to carefully secure the piano onto the removal truck to prevent movement during travelling. The removal might cause the instrument to go out of tune, so tune it once it reaches its destination.

Keep the above points in mind in order to undertake your piano removals in a smooth manner. Whether you hire professional movers or plan to undertake the removals by yourself then having sound understanding of all potential risks and costs is important. If you have stairs or a huge distance to cover then hiring professional movers will seem hassle-free and easeful! Share this information with your near ones so that they too can benefit from the same!

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The author undertakes house removals in Wapping and Shoreditch in the perfect manner! The author has top class piano movers in London who undertake effective piano removals in London.