While the premise of the soccer in the whole world is known to be pretty obvious, after all, it is just passing the pall to the opponent side with the aim of passing the ball past the goalie in order to score, there can be so many strategies that would be adopted. The strategies are just endless. Here is a little secret that most people do not know, if you want to understand soccer, you have to take it as a field is study. To completely understand it, you have to immerse yourself in the field and take so many games. Here is what we shall be looking at;
• The diagonal runs behind the defense line.
• Pay attention to the third man.
• Watch out for the defense.
• How to switch the field.
This will at least give you a better understanding of the soccer market. With the Come and go of the market (vai e vem do mercado), you can expect so much in the soccer market.
The diagonal run
Yes, if you really want to understand how the football market works, then you will have to pay a close attention on these runs. Say a center forward just making a sprint behind the defender at the right moment could be getting ready to receive the ball. In 2018 ball market (mercado da bola 2018), here is what you should be looking for;
• Is the other team playing zone defense and more so, passing the offensive player to another defender?
• Or will the player be making some pass under pressure?
The third man
You have to pay a close attention to this man. You should be always looking for a third man who opens the field up. In the Site market (mercado do site), you understand that they say that the midfielder and the forward may exchange a few passes. This leaves the third man or rather the defender with no choice but to break towards the goal and from behind to receive the ball.

Watch out for the defense
You really need to watch out how the quick give and the goes in the field are exchanged and more to that, the static players and the moving since they all play a primary role in opening up the defense. Basically, if the player is cornered, he can choose to play the wall-pass. Or he can just pass the ball and sprint in the open space to receive it. Keeping the ball on the move has the advantage of opening up the spaces and the quick passes makes the defense so vulnerable.
How to switch the field
Here is a smart move for you, two or three passes on one of the fields’ side, make the defensive team lock down on them leaving the other side of the field so vulnerable. You could take a long switch to the other side would make a win for your team. It is called the “short short long” or the “switching play”
These are the four best strategies that the players could adopt or watch out to ensure a win on their side. This makes football even better and far much fun.

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