Have you ever wondered what the football fans ever speak about? or rather, have you ever wondered what they meant by fullback, the sweeper, the midfielder and the likes? Well, for those who are passionate about soccer, this is their life, it is their second nature, but that can be a foreign thought to most people who do not know anything about soccer.
The game way of life
Millions stock the arena and many more watch the live games back at their homes. Therefore, it is easy to say that the football game for most, it is their way of life. From my understanding, soccer is an instilled culture that has won the hearts of so many people in the world. Look at the Updated Ball market (mercado da bola atualizado) and you will see what influence soccer imposes on people. 2018 Ball market (mercado da bola 2018) is just around the corner. The world cup is coming and for the last premier, I am quite sure that most people faced the onslaught of the last world cup for lack of knowledge about soccer really had a rough time understanding the football metrics. This time, you have it coming. So be prepared and the best way to start off, is by making sure that you understand the soccer positions.
Soccer positions
Soccer for a typical Ball market (mercado da bola) is played by 11 players on each team. And though there are variations on each team, at least for a typical team, there should be the following players playing the positions of;
• Defense.
• Midfield.
• Attack.
What is defense? Well this is to block and provide resistance. Well the players tasked with this role ensure that there is no easy passage to the goalie. They block the opponents’’ team stickers and the forwards from making a goal. Compared to their mate, they play close to their own goals. Therefore, if you see in a football match players who never leave the goal area, know that they are the defenders.
They are the ones who spend so much time in the middle of the field. Basically, they form what we’d call a conduit between the attacking team and the defenders. They are the main heart of the game and therefore, crucial to the success of the team.
Come to think of it. Who do you think scores the goals? The goalkeeper, the mid fielders or the defenders? Well, figuratively, all can score the goal. It is allowed but primarily, this is the work of the attackers. They are the glamour end of the team. They main work is receiving the ball from the mid fielders and scoring. Though they are very high profiled, without a powerful defense and midfielders, their success can be so much inhibited.
With the Come and go of the market (vai e vem do mercado), football is revolutionizing at a great speed, making it possible for more fun and more action on the fields. Therefore, these are the main position that you should be worried about when it comes to football.

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