What does the power of intention mean to you? Do you use this power to achieve your goals? Does it work for you? How does it work? To me, the power of intention is simply a plan, a positive attitude and action and most importantly, it only works if I write my intention down. Here are a couple of examples of how it has worked for me and for others.

Recently, I added another line to my weekly schedule and entitled it "Goal". I did this because I have had some big goals lately and haven't been seeing enough progress towards those goals. I decided that I would take my own advice, and chunk those big goals down into smaller, more manageable pieces. In that new "Goal" space I wrote what my goal was for the day. As the week progressed my daily goal got moved to the next day each day, until Friday arrived. This was my last chance to complete my intended goal. I set aside an hour and completed it.

The next week I did the same thing and my 'daily' goal became my weekly goal. And that's okay because I learned that a weekly goal is what's manageable and what works for me.

Here's another example. A long time client and good friend and I had a discussion around this topic some time ago. He began to tell me about his 'will' and I wasn't quite sure where he was going to go with this. He explained that while unpacking after a move, he came across his 'will' that he had written several years ago. When he read it, everything he had intended had come to pass. It read: "I will..." and listed several of his aspirations in business. So you see, writing it down can be very effective.

Why does writing your intentions down work? I think it makes them more 'real'. Your intentions are out of your mind now and there is physical evidence of them which makes you accountable. Want to give it a try?

Here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Identify your intention - keep it simple and brief and include a deadline, it will act as your guide

2. Write it down - write it somewhere prominent like an agenda you refer to daily or a white board with your to-do list, it will draw your attention and help you feel more accountable

3. Follow with actions - take steps towards your intention, this will demonstrate your commitment

4. Experience it - acknowledge that you did what you said you would, celebrate each achievement, they all add up

When you set an intention and then act on it remember to stay focused, be positive, be true to yourself and believe in yourself. This seems to empower the Law of Attraction leading you exactly where you want to go. Things will happen as they are meant to if you use this tool to turn your intentions into reality. It's in your hands.

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