How to Turn Your Brown Eyes - Blue: A Technique For Health & Longevity
Stop: I lost you because you do not want to change the color of your eyes – right?
It’s a metaphor, a figure-of-speech for turning the impossible on its little cabeza. Wait.
The secret I am revealing is best explained by Burt Goldman, the American Monk.
He is all that and more. If you do not follow his “Dear Burt” on YouTube, you are yesterday’s news.
Creative Imagery
You have to use your divine imagination to mentally visualize my words. You have to do more than read, you must create a mind-movie of my inadequate words.
We Homo sapiens read three-ways – simultaneously. Google: Dennis Pelli, NYU Professor, 8.03.2007
a) Phonetics: we decode letters into sounds 62% of our reading time. Slower than a broken clock, but the busted timepiece indicates the correct time twice-a-day, right?

Did you know the average university graduate (including professionals) read text only 100 words per minute with a lousy 60% comprehension).

b) Holistic Word Recognition: we also decode words by their physical SHAPE. We use our Shape-Shifting strategy 16% of our reading time. Slow as molasses, but it works.

c) Whole Word: we also decode a word’s meaning by how it is used (CONTEXT) in a sentence. We use this strategy 22% of the time. Slow as a snail, but still useful.
Power of Our Mind
Example: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Joe Gonzales had his life ruined while a soldier in Saddam Hussein’s War in Iraq. Specifically it was the same day President Hussein was executed for war crimes: December 30, 2006. He was steering an upgraded Abrams tank which was smashed to smithereens by a well-placed Iraq landmine. Joe had both legs broken and thirty-stitches in his puss, and crawled away half-blind but alive.
Not quite. It was now March 5, 2011 and Joe had not had a good night’s sleep since the third week in December, 2006. He constantly hallucinates during his waking hours about his tank’s explosion and how all his military buddies cashed in their chips that day. His problem has a medical name recognized by 98% of the U.S. population – PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
No Help, No Hope
He is a relentless “compulsive thinker” about that tank incident. He is unhappy, stressed, and useless to himself and the universe. He is racked with mental and physical pain 24/7. The U.S. has given him a 100% disability discharge, and a full-time psychiatrist, but he cannot function in our society.
Joe cannot focus for more than five-minutes before he is attacked by a Technicolor replay of the landmine explosion of 1:10 P.M. 12.30.2006. He has been told that he will recover, but Joe studied accounting and can still count. It is the first quarter of 2011. The score is PTSD 21, and the doctors, zero.
Wacked-Out Medical Treatment
We are the end product of a couple of hundred years of scientific thinking and conditioning. We do not believe in Witch-Doctors, Voodoo or Zombies. We believe in the scientific method, cause and effect, and drugs certified by U.S. Food And Drug Administration. Sure, we use Chiropractors and others practitioners without an M.D. degree, but they are usually a last resort.
It has not been that many years that even Chiropractors were considered suspect and refused payment by insurance companies. Don’t you expect your general physician to solve your medical conditions or else refer you to a legitimate medical specialist?
Joe stopped going to licensed physicians, surgeons and psychiatrists. They all told the same story about healing PTSD, but could not begin to cure him or even reduce his symptoms. Each physician had his/her favorite drugs or creative imagery strategies, but they all ultimately ended as a non-starter and a failure in his case.
Here is the entire treatment that is used and recommended by Burt Goldman. He has no credentials, and disclaims any medical knowledge or experience. Burt does not use Tarot cards, the entrails of a chicken, nor hypnosis. He offers his strategies without evidence or scientific research, with no claim of a miraculous cure. If you wish to test his approach, he provides the simple instructions and demonstrates what you should do.
He claims that if it works – and he makes no direct or indirect claims of a successful conclusion – it will happen almost instantaneously. The entire two-tiered treatment requires less than a minute. No change in your belief system is required (faith is not a requirement). Just do the steps and you will decide if his Double-Double (Duo System) has any merits for you.
Mama Mia Spicy Meatballs
This is not a medical procedure with any protocols, controls or statistics. Take it or leave it. You can always go back to your primary care-giver for more drugs. Is there a recommended treatment for PTSD with evidence of success? The American Medical Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not certified any to date. Maybe next year.
One. Eyes closed. Mental imagine your worst fears. Let your worst mental movies commence. Bring ’em on. Keep your eyes shut and let your Abrams tank blow-up again in your mind. Experience the same emotions including the searing pain to both legs, your bleeding head and half-blind eyes.
See your comrades scream and die in front of you. “Same-old, same-old”, thought Joe.
Two. Tier #1 procedure. Alternatively (first use your left-hand, then switch to using your right-hand) snap your fingers next to the ear on the same side of your body. How? Move your Left-Hand-Up to your left-ear. Snap your fingers at the level of your left-ear, with your left-handed fingers. Now drop your left hand.
This is baby-easy so don’t complicate it. Move your right hand up to your right-ear; make a snapping sound with your right-handed fingers, and drop your hand back. Alternate, left-right, left-right.
How Long
Maximum of 20-30 seconds total time of alternate snapping at your ears.
Tapping on The Sides of Your Head
Tier #2 procedure. Eyes-closed and let the mental panic proceed. Listen carefully, tap on the sides of your head. You use your left-fingers (thumb-index and middle-finger bunched together) to tap at your left-ear level alternatively. Now switch to using your right-fingers ((thumb, index and middle-finger). Left-right, left-right. Alternate your tapping, right?
If it works it takes no more than 10-20 seconds. If it is not effective for you, tapping for 60-minutes will not help. Wait a minute. How can any strategy accomplish anything worthwhile in 1-2 minutes?
We do not believe the President, Congress or the Supreme Court, accord to Gallop research. Why should you believe anything as ridiculous as what you have just read? Excuse me, but did anyone ask you to open your wallet for a donation? Is there anyone with a gun forcing you to do this strategy?
Click the delete button and choose to play a game. The alternative is to do your own experiment and make your own judgment of the results. Oh yeah, it also works for losing 1-15 pounds. Ridiculous.
Did it work for Joe?
If I tell you yes, you may be prejudiced and create a mental expectation of success. You know the two-tiered procedure. Make your own determination. What do you think? Me too. But I would try it as a last resort. Maybe you are more rational and unforgiving. Maybe pigs can fly and deliver their milk.
See Ya,
Copyright© 2011 H. Bernard Wechsler
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