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You often hear it said, you only fail when you fail to get up after a fall. In life, it is impossible not to face failure at one point. Some people are so scared of failure that they let the fear limit them. Since they are afraid to fail, they don’t try at all. Some people do try, but when they face failure the first time, they slink back with their tails between their legs, utterly defeated.

And the hardest part about failure is, it leaves its mark. Once you fail, it leaves a harrowing and traumatic experience, until you find yourself afraid of failing again. What happens is the fear paralyzes you, making you unable to strive again.

So how can you succeed if you let the fear of failure limit you and let failure stop you? If you’ve gone far enough but suddenly came face to face with failure, what do you do? Do you stop? Or do you stand back up again?

The reason why many people fail to succeed in life is because they stop after they fail. The old adage does say, try and try until you succeed. People seem to think that that saying is cliché and overrated. They think that after a while of trying, you just have to accept your limits and face the sad hard truth that you can’t do it. That whoever came up with that saying didn’t know how it was like to fail.

But that’s exactly where the problem starts – the moment you stop trying. That’s when all the negative self talk will overcome you.

1. Do not let the negative talk in. Life always goes on after you fail, so you have no choice but to get back up. However, sometimes, people just stop trying and just settle for lesser things in life. This happens when they invite the negative feedback of failure to control their lives.

So whatever you do, you should not let the negative feedback from failing get to you.

2. Focus on your goals. If you set your mind on your goals, you will keep on moving towards it that you will hardly recognize the little stumbling blocks along the way. So keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve, and don’t let the small bumps along the road stop you.

3. The importance of persistence. To keep the bad experiences from hindering you, you need to develop an important trait called persistence. Over the years, successful personalities have hailed persistence as the main ingredient for success. Henry Ford of Ford Motors, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods are just some of the best examples on how far persistence can go.

4. Subliminal Messages to Make You More Persistent. Since it is impossible to just make yourself magically more persistent, you need the help of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages can train your mind to think positively even when you fail. This way, your mind will know how to respond with persistence when you are faced with failure.

Here are some examples of subliminal messages that can make you more persistent:

I am a naturally persistent person.
My persistence will make me successful.
I will persist in all areas of life.
I stay persistent even when things get tough.
I will persist until I reach my goals.

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