Most sporting activity does involve stressing the body to its maximum and beyond; so much so that it is common for sportsmen to sustain injuries. Usually, certain body parts are more stressed with some activities than with others and that special care should be placed on caring for such body parts. Laid out below are some of the common sports injuries and how they can be treated with the least amount of fuss.

Ankle Sprain: Often seen in sports that involve running and quick movement of the lower limbs, sprained ankles usually affect the joints of the ankles to the foot. For slight sprains, an application of a hot water bag would be sufficient to bring about relief. For more severe sprains a massage with a suitable balm would bring about marked relief to the condition. At times people would take the most serious condition of fractures of ankles mistakenly as a simple sprain. Thus, it is important that a lack of relief to pain and swelling on preliminary treatment must be referred to a qualified doctor who would be more qualified to diagnose a condition.

Shoulder Injury: A sizable portion of sports injury is attributed to the inflammation of the shoulder joints. At times when people start sporting activities after the prolonged absence from the activity, it is common that shoulders can get hurt. It is also common in sports like tennis, badminton, basketball and the likes to lay stress to the use of the shoulders to cause it to be injured. Most shoulder injuries can be relieved with the application of a balm and the severe situations can be handled with a hot compress. Lack of relief should be referred to a sports doctor who would be more qualified to bring about a proper treatment to the condition.

Dislocated Joints: When people partake in what are known as extreme contact sports like rugby, soccer, basketball and the likes, it is usually common for joints to get dislocated. They are most often brought about by high jerking and shocks applied to the various joints of the body. Dislocated joints are best referred to a sports doctor who would be best placed to do a diagnosis and recommend a sports physical therapy if need be. Since the dislocation of joints is a serious matter that can lead to permanent disability of facilities if not treated right, home remedies must not be resorted to.

Injured Knees: Most activities that involve running and carrying the load in sports tend to produce disorders of the knees. Whatever might be the symptoms that are initially displayed; the knee joint is not something that must be taken lightly. Rarely has home remedies been effective in taking care of a complex joint as the knee and it is best left to a doctor to make treatment. Initial relief can be brought to the pain and swelling by applying a cold press. In severe injuries the use of crutches must be resorted to, giving relief to the joint by reducing the load on them.

Groin Pull: Activities that involve the side to side movements is what cause this type of injury. It is usually the inflammation of the muscles on the inner sides of the legs and the groins. The best remedy in most cases is total rest. The small area that is the groin does cause people to ignore the injury. This can lead to the aggravation of the situation and could at times lead to hospitalization. By spreading out the load applied to the inner legs with the use of a crutch does bring relief to most injuries.

Hamstring Strain: The small muscles at the back of the upper thighs are the hamstrings. Most running activities do place excessive load on the hamstrings and the most common solution to it is to give complete rest to the lower body. At times binding the hamstrings to relieve it off load does help in its restoration to normality. In many instances, people tend to dismiss hamstring injuries as a small niggling matter. Far from it, the hamstrings must be given its due in the mobility of the lower body and attention must be brought to the physician on any conditions involving this muscle.
Injuries that occur in sports must not be taken lightly and if relief is not had with the initial home treatment, then a doctor must be referred to immediately. Lack of timely attention can aggravate as well as cause more permanent damage to facilities that could at times be debilitating.

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