In the modern days we are living, your intestines/guts can react to stress, processed foods, alcohol, bacteria and some other forms of medications. These effects can bring about a leak in your guts and a small leak in the gut can result to a very big intestinal problems. For instance, a healthy gut is very selective on what can pass through unlike a leaky gut which releases undigested food particles which eventually leads to outsized immune response.

A leaky gut can greatly damage your overall health. There are many symptoms associated with leaky gut syndrome such as allergies, asthma, arthritis and many other conditions. The four major causes of leaky gut syndrome are:

a) Poor diet
b) Imbalance of the bacteria.
c) Overload of toxins
d)Chronic stress.

Leaky gut syndrome can be healed by following 4 R’s. That is, Remove, Replace, Rebalance, And Repair. As the 4 R’s suggest, they are easy steps that one is able to follow easily.

1. Remove: Earlier in this article, we looked at several causes of leaky gut syndrome and the first step towards healing is eliminating irritants such as sugars, and other diets that contain chemical additives which are mainly found in the processed foods. This elimination helps greatly in pin pointing the foods that are causing this trouble. For effective results, it is advisable to eliminate a certain type of food that you may think its
causing irritation then reintroduce it after about 2 weeks and take notes on the effects it may have upon reintroduction.

2. Replace: Once the irritating foods are eliminated, it is now time to replace them with foods that will help with the lining of the guts. It is good to concentrate mainly on the non-starchy foods and lean proteins these will help in strengthening of the cellular
membranes. Other foods that will give your guts high fibers are; legumes, nuts, berries, etc. You can also supplement your meals with multivitamins which is also a great source of nutrients and help greatly with the improving the leaky gut condition.

3. Rebalance: After eliminating the foods you are taking and replacing with helpful foods, it is now time to help your guts grow a layer of good bacteria. The good bacteria balance help to decrease the non-friendly ones. Use of proper diet that contains fiber-rich foods helps a lot in the micro-floral balance.

4. Repair: repair by supplements is the most common way and according to studies glutamine helps in maintaining the structure and functionality of the intestines. It also improves the damage caused by radiate on and other chemicals. There are many sources where you can buy glutamine amino and help you greatly with the leaky gut syndrome. Other ways for repairing the intestines are: consumption of zinc, Nacetyl, kiwifruits, etc.

To fully repair your intestines, it is very advisable to work with a medical practitioner who will further advise on the b best ways to treat and repair your guts.

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Karen Cole is freelance writer in field of Technology and Health. She loves to share her knowledge with others.