Do you have chronic prostatitis now? Three months, one year, two years, three years, or more. Whether you have tried hard, but have not been cured, repeatedly. Whether you feel better every time, heal soon, and then repeat?

Symptoms are always the rhythm of remission, relapse, and remission. So slow is not curable? This is just your subjective view, which is wrong. You didn't get the proper treatment. The previous treatment could have been more focused so that it could have been more effective. Chronic prostatitis patients have not been treated correctly but have been solving some minor problems. How can they be cured?

Correct thinking, method, and refined process management are the key to cure.
Many people cure slowly. Now, please think about what you did before suffering from prostatitis.

As a kind of chronic inflammation, prostatitis will never come out of a sudden because the gene can't take it easy. It will only be and must be, triggered by you to meet the conditions for slow onset. You may be a student or an office worker. No matter what stage you are at, consciously or unconsciously, you must meet one of the following conditions before the slow trigger.

Because of work, study, frequent sitting oppresses glands.

Have the habit of indulging in sexual fantasies and masturbating. If you have a girlfriend, you can't control your sex life—frequently stimulating glands.

Have the habit of staying up late and eating without restraint—damage constitution.
Drink too much occasionally and have no habit of regular exercise.

Note that triggering chronic prostatitis can not be achieved by one of the above behaviors. The outbreak of chronic prostatitis is often triggered by the combination of the above two and three high-risk behaviors.

In autumn and winter, in early spring, when the weather is cold, plus any two or three of the above behaviors, the trigger probability of chronic prostatitis will become extremely high. This is true of all people who suffer from slowness. Unless you exercise, you are born with a muscular physique, which can greatly reduce the risk. However, this is only the prevention link, which is before the condition.

Now, you have chronic prostatitis and various pre-amblyopia symptoms. Even though you have formed the habit of regular exercise, there is still time to insist on routine and quantitative exercise every day. Exercise is essential to prevent slow growth but not to cure it.

To heal chronic prostatitis, you need to know a lot more.

Since exercise is essential, how can exercise improve drug absorption rate and help gland massage relieve congestion? When and how long does it take to exercise each time? What events can men choose? Patients with chronic prostatitis can improve the symptoms of chronic prostatitis by jogging, squatting, and doing other outdoor sports. Jogging for half an hour daily is a good time to prevent and treat prostatitis.

Since drugs are essential, which drugs can be more conducive to anti-inflammatory, which drugs are conducive to bacteriostasis, and which drugs are more conducive to improving the immunity of the gland to help the gland actively detoxify? Patients with chronic prostatitis can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate symptoms and causes and ultimately cure the disease. And it acts on the whole body, which can improve the resistance and reduce the recurrence probability.

Since massage is essential, how do men choose a suitable massage method? When is massage most beneficial to medication? Urologists in regular hospitals should perform prostate massages. The best time for massage is one week after antibiotic treatment. Massage should be carried out with a slow and powerful force and rhythm within the patient's tolerance. The frequency of prostate massage should be manageable, 1-2 times a week.

The above are the key questions. In addition, there are also some details for the effectiveness of systematic treatment, such as abstinence or not. Should men ban it or perform abstinence in different situations and stages? You should know that absolute abstinence is unnecessary and against humanity. Short-term abstinence is a choice to maximize the therapeutic effect instead of being celibate alone.

Also, diet. What kind of diet should patients need, and what does not affect the treatment? Is it light? No stimulation? Or can it be moderately heavy? The answer is that mild taste does not affect the treatment. To cooperate with the systematic treatment, breakfast and dinner should be light and pay attention to the quantity.

What about sleep? When is the best time to sleep? How long is rest beneficial to gland detoxification and repair? What actions should men take before bed to promote detoxification the next day? What are the regulations on sports, massage, and medicine?

These problems belong to minor issues, which are complicated and seem very annoying. On the contrary, these problems are extremely important, which are the most important problems in treating chronic prostatitis, and the problems that untreated patients do not generally consider. It is the real obstacle to treatment. Whether these problems are well done directly determines the effectiveness of the means and indirectly determines whether you will be cured. These details are not dispensable but must be clarified and implemented.

I hope patients at different stages find solutions and know what to do next.

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