Gallstones are crystalline bodies or stones made up of cholesterol or calcium that are resultant due to changes in bile in the gall bladder, a pear shaped organ, where the bile secreted by the liver is stored. The common types are cholesterol, black pigment and brown pigment. Black pigments occur when the red blood cells are destroyed, while the brown ones occur when the bile is infected and flows slowly. Some big gallstones, however, may exist in the body but may be harmless and never cause any pain.

This waste accumulates in the body over the years and one may not be aware of it, since it never hurts or there are no visible symptoms of the liver being affected. Big stones of size 8mm or greater can cause immense pain in the upper-right side of the abdomen, followed by vomiting and nausea or even fever. More symptoms could include gas, indigestion, hair-loss, and yellowness of the eyes, dizziness or constipation etc. Stiff shoulders and knee problems could also mean gallstones in the liver.

Some cases of gallstones could be hereditary, while others could be due to faulty diet and sedentary lifestyle. A diet low in fiber and high in cholesterol could be the reason for gallstones, and overweight people are more likely to have them. A starch-rich diet is also likely to aggravate pain in the gall bladder. Sugar and protein rich diet too do a great harm. Gallstones may also develop or increase during pregnancy.

Removal of gallstones is not the solution to the problem, as they will keep forming and recurring. One must therefore follow a lifestyle of strictly monitored diets and regular medication.

The food must be chewed slowly, and too much food should not be eaten in one meal. It is harmful to skip meals, and extremely important to avoid heavy meals in the morning and evening. Over consumption of dairy products or proteins can aggravate pain so they must be avoided. Also, processed foods containing hydrogenated oils must be kept away.

Ailment or no ailment, it is always wise to steer clear of junk foods and starchy foods. Drinking sufficient water at regular intervals during the day clears the body of most toxins and is the antidote to most problems. Alcohol must be prohibited at all costs.

A correct diet must be arrived at, by consulting one's doctor, as it is not good to have a low fat diet either, because fats too are essential for the body. Omega 3 oils like hemp or flax can be added to fresh fruits and salads. Lemon juice or vinegar can also be added.

Extra virgin oil can be added to certain foods, both to provide the necessary fats to the body, and for the treatment of gallstones.

Eggs, Onions, Ice creams, Coffee, Red Meat and Turnips should strictly be avoided. All artificial foods, especially sweeteners should be avoided too.

Beet and cucumber juices are great remedies for gallstones. Since smoking can trigger the pain for some people suffering from gallstones, it should be refrained from.

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