There are various options available for the treatment of the hemorrhoids and these are explained below:

Hemorrhoids treatment at home: Sitz bath can be taken daily and after evacuation for a duration of fifteen minutes. The swelling and the pain in the hemorrhoids decreases with the help of sitz bath. Wipe the skin around anus after sitz bath to make it dry. Some topical ointments can be applied after sitz bath on the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids treatment with medicines- fixative procedures: The injection of a medicine into the blood vessels makes the hemorrhoids shrink and this is known as sclerotherapy.But this causes pain and bruising in the area of hemorrhoids.Cryotherapy in which excessive cold is applied to hemorrhoids so that they will die. The side effect of cryotherapy is that it causes nerve irritation, feeling of numbness.

Rubber band litigation:It can be done so that the blood supply is stopped near hemorrhoids and it cuts off from that place. A tight rubber band is knotted at each hemorrhoid in this process. This is a painful process.
Laser treatment: In laser treatment the hemorrhoid is burnt with the help of a laser.

Hemorrhoid surgery: The hemorrhoids are cut off by a surgery in which a person is put on spinal anesthetic. It causes bleeding and pain for some days.

Infrared photocoagulation: This is used to treat small and medium hemorrhoids with the help of beam of infra red light that causes a scar tissue and the supply of blood to the hemorrhoids cuts off.

Hemorrhoids Diet: The diet should be such that will give you sift stool. Try to have fiber rich diet as fiber helps to give moisture to the stool and helps in making it soft and provides easy movement in the intestinal tract.

Juices help in good digestion of the food and nutrients are easily absorbed by the body and no constipation problems occur.

The fluidic substance in the diet should be increased .Drink lot of water so that the bowels get cleared easily and no pressure is laid on the anus.

The refined flour like white rice, maida bread, cakes, alcohol, dairy products, animal protein and beverages having caffeine and acidic in nature should be totally avoided. This diet will help in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

The constipation should be cured at the moment it comes with proper diet and home remedies. Avoid giving strain to the bowel area. The sitting for long periods should be avoided. After evacuation you should properly clean the anal area. The toilet rolls should be perfume less and color less. Do not rub the area with your hands and nails. The obese person should try to come to the ideal body weight. The lifting of heavy objects should be avoided. The inner garments should be soft and of cotton only. If you are wearing a swim wear then also cotton underwear is necessary. Any kind of exercise, yoga or meditation should be a part of your life.

With the help of natural therapies, proper diet, exercise, hydrotherapy you can ease your life with difficult to bear hemorrhoids.

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