In daily life, many male patients suffer from chronic epididymitis. It brings many hidden troubles to male patients and affects their daily work and study of male friends. In ordinary times, men should learn more about chronic epididymitis to take preventive and therapeutic measures against such diseases.

Chronic epididymitis is often caused by patients' long-term bad habits, especially holding back during ejaculation. The patient may have pain in the epididymis, but some patients may show vague symptoms, such as scrotum or testis pain. Nodules and local tenderness can be found by touching the testis, and the pain can involve the lower abdomen and ipsilateral groin. In some patients, the epididymis is more swollen, even larger than the testis, leading to tumbling discomfort.

Chronic epididymitis can lead to scrotal tumors, mainly in the tail of the epididymis. The epididymis is locally swollen and hard, and may have nodular changes when touched. Moreover, because epididymitis is often caused by retrograde infection, that is, pathogenic bacteria enter the epididymis through the urethra, ejaculatory duct, and vas deferens, patients may be accompanied by cystitis and urethritis. They may have frequent urination, urgency, pain, and other symptoms. Bilateral chronic epididymitis can lead to male infertility.

So how to treat chronic epididymitis? To solve this problem, let's take a closer look.

Chronic epididymitis is common in two situations, one of which is called non-specific epididymitis. Non-specific epididymitis is caused by bacterial infection of prostatitis and reaching the epididymis along the vas deferens. The usual site of infection is the head of the epididymis. Patients may need antibiotics, mainly oral antibiotics. For example, ofloxacin will have an excellent therapeutic effect.

Patients can also use proprietary herbal therapies to soften the firm, relieve convulsions, relieve pain and relieve symptoms, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms and causes to achieve a complete cure. Moreover, it aims at repairing the whole urinary and reproductive system.

Another kind of chronic epididymitis is called specific epididymitis. It usually occurs in the tail of the epididymis. The pathogenic bacteria are often tuberculosis, also called epididymal tuberculosis. The difference between chronic epididymitis and head epididymitis is that one part is different, and another epididymis tail is enlarged and hardened.

For tuberculous epididymitis, the primary treatment is using anti-tuberculosis drugs. The application period for anti-tuberculosis medicines is generally about three months. The treatment time is adjusted according to the drug reaction during treatment and the soft and small masses.

Patients with chronic epididymitis need to go to the hospital in time for surgery if the drug effect is not apparent.

How do men usually prevent epididymitis in life?

1. Regular sexual life benefits male sexual function. Frequent sexual life for too long will cause repeated hyperemia of genital parts, increasing the incidence of epididymitis and prostatitis, balanitis foreskin, and other diseases. Hence, men should avoid sexual affairs too frequently to reduce the degree of congestion of sexual organs and reduce the workload of the epididymis, which is beneficial to improve the local resistance of epididymis.

2. Life should be regular. Combining work with rest, proper aerobic exercise, and avoiding prolonged sitting and riding is better. And you can't always stay up late and work overtime. You must have enough rest time. Adequate drinking water shall be guaranteed every day. Increasing urine volume will also be beneficial to the patient's condition. At the same time, keep your mood comfortable and do not overwork. You should adequately participate in sports, such as Qigong and Taijiquan, to strengthen your physique, prevent colds, and never tolerate urine.

3. The scrotum should be applied with a hot compress frequently. People who stand or walk too much should wear a cloth scrotum support. The purpose of holding up the scrotum is to improve the blood circulation of the epididymis to help the inflammation subside.

4. men should keep their stools unobstructed. The method of sitting bath with warm water can be adopted twice a day, with the water temperature controlled at 42 ℃~50 ℃, 20~30 minutes each time.

5. Improve the dietary structure and prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods. It is recommended people eat less "red meat" (referring to pork, cattle, sheep, and other meat with high cholesterol content) and more "white meat" (referring to chicken, fish, and other meat with low cholesterol content), which has particular significance in preventing the occurrence of BPH. Don't eat spicy food in your diet, and it is better to give up drinking, which is of great help to the health care of epididymitis.

It's also good to eat more fruits and vegetables. The multivitamins and minerals contained in fruits can ensure the health and balance of men. Fruit is indispensable to the human body, which helps to improve immunity and prevent disease invasion.

6. Pay attention to personal hygiene in ordinary times, and it is better not to share sanitary appliances and unique clothing with others. Hence, it is easy to infect diseases. And it is better to insist on cleaning the foreskin and glans and replacing the underwear in time to ensure local hygiene and dryness, to avoid scrotum temperature rise by squeezing the scrotum. These are effective ways to prevent epididymitis.

Finally, patients with chronic epididymitis must be actively treated and can not delay their illness.

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