Pimples and acne bother everyone, especially around the teenage years. As the body faces hormonal changes during puberty, both boys and girls start to develop pimples on their face. For females, the problem might persist longer, and pimples may re-occur every time they are nearing menstruation.

There are other factors too that contribute to the growth and development of pimples on one's face. These include faulty diets, bad lifestyle habits, stress, overuse of medicines, some kind of illness etc.

Skin experts and dermatologists suggest that one must take proper care of acne and pimples right from the start, so that the problem does not develop further to give bad consequences. Pimples, if left untreated, can cause severe damage to one’s skin, and can also leave permanent marks and scars on the face.

One of the first things to follow for treating acne and pimples is to take good care of one's skin. It is extremely important to keep one’s skin clean and healthy at all times, by washing the face with water at least 4-5 times a day. It is not necessary to use soap all the time. In fact, excessive use of soaps and cleansers or face washes can make the skin dry and patchy.

Our skin reflects the constitution of our body. So it is important to eat and drink right. Those suffering from acne should drink plenty of water everyday to keep the body mechanism properly functional. This helps to flush out the unwanted toxins from the body, so that the systems remain clean, and one can have a glowing, pimple-free skin. Excessively oily, spicy and junk foods must be avoided, as they damage proper stomach functioning, and cause pimples.

Switching over to herbal and natural cosmetics or beauty products over chemical-based ones is a very good idea. This is because chemical-based products cause a lot of damage to one’s skin, and have a lot of side effects, the most common of which is the increase of pimples.

Never touch or prick your pimples, as this could lead the bacteria to spread more, causing more pimples. Moreover, it would lead to permanent scars. The best is to avoid touching the pimples, and just keep the face clean all the time.

Curd can be applied on the face every alternate day to make the skin cooler. This would reduce the latent heat under the skin, which often causes pimples.

Every morning, one should have a glass of lemon water, as it cleanses all the unwanted impurities out of the body, and keeps the body systems clean. This will not only help in reducing pimples, but also helps in reducing weight.

Tea Tree Oil has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be applied on a clean face every night for good results. Apart from reducing the pimples, it will also help in the reduction of blemishes and scars.

If you are looking at a comparatively quicker remedy for treating pimples, then applying some toothpaste on the pimples overnight works very well to dry them, and reduces the size of the pimples considerably.

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