With all those articles flowing all over the internet about quitting your job to travel, it is hard not to give any thought to it. You have to admit it at least to yourself that you must have thought about leaving your nine-to-five job and travel the world. However, it is a different matter altogether that you do not quit your office to chase your dreams. If you find a wanderer inside you, it is good to listen to your soul. Read below to find out how you can travel more while working in a regular routine.

Utilize your vacations

Do not waste your vacation of leaves sleeping at home. In India, we get a lot of religious and national holidays. Use these days to attach with your paid leaves, and maximize your paid vacations. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are getting paid for not working, even if it is for a couple of days. Do not waste your time by not going anywhere. Just make a plan to travel, even if it is for a day.

Remote working

If your job profile allows you to work remotely or from home, ask your employer about it. Some companies do have such jobs, and you just need to find one. Even in your current job, you can find out ways to work remotely if you have a desk job. Have good terms with your employer, and talk out to him. Convince him to let you work remotely so that you can earn while you travel wherever you want.

Remote working temporarily

Even if you cannot or don’t want to work remotely forever, you can do it for a few weeks in a year. If your profile allows, your boss will never refuse for it, provided you have cordial terms with him. Adjoin this remote working period with your leaves and you will have many days in a year to travel.

Switch your job

It is not easy to switch a job, but it is possible. The work-from-home job may not pay you as much as an office job, but you will save on many things. When you do not have to go to office, you save a lot of money on clothes, food, and travel. You can consider changing your job if your expenses are not tightly bound, which you can surely adjust.


Freelancing is a great option these days to earn well while traveling, as opposed to not working at all. Marketing for Self-Drive Car Rental Hyderabad airport, freelance writing, teaching abroad, and many other jobs do not require you to do a regular job. You can free yourself from the restrictions of your manager and boss by taking charge. Be your own boss and work as you please. You will certainly have to put in more working hours, but it is all worth the sacrifice when you get that freedom. Trust your instincts and do what you want in life.

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