If you are born in India, you are already lucky than more than half of the world population. And if you want to be a traveler, you should thank your nation that you get so many paid holidays in a year, which may be a hundred times of what the Americans get. Indian companies, private and public, give a significant number of paid leaves, which are sufficient to fulfill your desires to go for several vacations in a year without quitting your job.

Make the most of your weekends

With 52 weekends in a year, you have at least 52 or 104 days off, depending on the number of days you get week off. Of course, you cannot spend every weekend out on a holiday as it is an expensive affair. However, you can consider going out for even half of those week-offs to have a good time. Going out for roughly 30 times in a year sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Ask for leaves

Considering that you work in India, you can take 4-5 leaves along with your weekends to have a long period of time to travel, perhaps twice or thrice a year. Even if your employer does not provide many paid leaves, you can ask for a favor because just like you need your job, your boss needs you too. Companies do not mind extending a few favors to their employees to retain them.

Find an employee-friendly company  

It is rare to find a company that values work-life balance, yet many MNCs in India are adopting this approach. The huge establishments understands that happy employees are the best employees, and they are more than willing to let you work and live peacefully. Find a company where the efficiency of your work counts, not the number of hours that you put in the office just for the sake of it. The employer should be sensible enough to value your hard-work rather than your display of work. Before you join a new place, you may try to talk to a few employees and know their opinion about their firm. Working in such business firms helps you follow your passion to travel.

Plan beforehand

If you are really ardent about traveling, it is better for you to plan your vacations and travel plans well in advance, at least three months in a year. Find out the destinations where you want to go and find out the budget required to visit. When you are mentally prepared that you have to go somewhere, taking actions to materialize your plans does not seem so painful. Since you already have the money flowing in every month, you can make as much savings as possible so that you do not have to worry about the expenses. Calculate the time that you are ought to spend at a place to make the most of your vacation, but do not aim to do everything in one vacation, which is not a practical plan.

Travelers who travel too much are often tight on money. If you want to visit several cities in a year, you need to prioritize your spending. You may need to cut down on your weekly dinners at expensive places.

Rather than taking luxury cars on rent in Delhi for self drive, you may have to make it a lifestyle to use public transport, and save on many such things that consume your money. If you feel that you have too less money to travel, you need to assess your preferences in life. Saving with a regular job is easier than doing so being a nomad. You have all the chances in the world to be a semi-fulltime traveler, and live a rocking life.


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The passion for travel is my actual introduction. I find amusement in searching for unusual destinations in India and keep updating the same through blogs.