Whenever we think about vacations, we think about the monetary costs attached to them. Very few people on earth think about the environmental cost that we incur every time we travel around the world. It is important to leave minimum carbon footprint as we go around visiting new places and leave them as they were, if not better.

Before leaving

You may not realize, but many luxuries concerning travel come with a huge environmental impact. It includes the SUV that you may choose to hire among Self-Drive Cars, the first class ticket of the airplane or train, and the five star hotel room that you choose to stay. Sacrificing a little on the luxuries mean a lot when it comes to harming the nature. You can travel by bus or choose a smaller car, choose a green hotel for your stay, and use minimum amount of plastic.

Pack wisely

When you pack a lot of things in your luggage, you not only create unnecessary hassles for yourself, but also leave a greater footprint. Heavy bags means that you will either have to pay extra for the airlines luggage fees or your car or train will bear the cost of it because every vehicle consumes more fuel with each kilogram increase in weight. You should also carry lightweight reusable bags so that you don’t have to take single-use plastic bags from the shops. Buy a reusable water bottle that you can refill, which will dodge you from buying filter water bottles.

Shopping around

When you shop for souvenirs at your travel destination, you must buy locally produced products. You can encourage the local manufacturers when you buy things that they make. Moreover, you don’t have to take a plastic bag from them if you bring your own bag. Imported and cheap products often harm the local economy. Do not buy the bags and clothes made from the skin of endangered animals. Not only you will encourage illegal trade, but you may also fall in trouble when the customs check your goods.

Local transportation

You might have seen in moderately developed tourist destinations that the tourists and locals start using motor vehicles once they save decent money from their income. The more automobiles in a city, the more pollution you will find. Even if there are a lot of scooters and motor bikes, you will find a lot of pollution in the main areas of any city. And if there are buses, trucks, cars, etc. going around, the place becomes a mess to stay for everyone.

When you visit any tourist destination, prefer to walk rather than use automobiles for as much distance as possible. If the distance is not walkable, you can use public transport. Even if you have to hire a bike or a car, prefer to hire the ones with smaller engines. It may cause a little problem to you, but will save the environment in the long term.

Stay green in the hotel

Even if the hotel is not environment friendly, you must stay there like you do at home. Do not waste electricity because you are not paying the bills; switch off the AC, lights, and fans when you are not in the room. Carry refillable bottles for toiletries and fill them before leaving your home. You will not have to throw those bottles in the bin when they are empty. You can bring them home and refill them for your next vacation.

It is not too difficult to be an eco-friendly traveler if you decide to be one. Enjoy your vacation while keeping in mind the Mother Nature who gave everything to you.

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The passion for travel is my actual introduction. I find amusement in searching for unusual destinations in India & abroad and keep updating the same through blogs.