Although the metropolitans in India or any other country are the safest places to visit, petty crimes always take place there. Whether you are in London or Delhi, you will always face a situation when you have to take tough decisions for your safety. Yes, being safe must be your prime concern when you are in big cities since you may not be able to judge at times where the danger might be lurking. The mountains and the beaches are too far at times, and the metropolises are not that bad travel alternatives either. Let us see how you can travel safely in the urban cities around the world and have a ball of your time.

Trust your gut

Most of the times, your intuition is not wrong when it tells you that the situation or the person is not as safe as it looks. A local person may be telling a fake story to make a few quick bucks from you. A place that doesn’t look anodyne to enter, you must not go there. When you cannot decide upon going along with a person or place, be cautious and drop the idea. It is better to be safe than sorry. Trust your instinct when your mind feels dicey.

Be there at public places only

When you ask for directions to your hotel or a famous tourist spot, a local may seem very friendly to take you there. A city like Paris can be unsafe for tourists if they are not cautious enough. Never accompany someone to a dark alley, even when the person is jovial with you. If you want to reach somewhere, ask for directions and move on. If someone insists you to take you alone, stop in the middle of your way when you don’t feel right in your heart. When something feels fishy, it might be so. The locals have their escape plan ready when they are done looting the tourists, but you are new to the city. That is why; take the busy streets only to reach your destination and eat at slightly crowded places only.

Keep that cellphone aside

A mobile phone is the biggest distracting factor when it comes to walking in the streets. While you may put yourself at risk when you constantly look at the screen while walking on busy roads, you may also risk getting it snatched just because you were careless. It is not at all a pleasant feeling to lose your expensive phone that may contain your priceless memories and data. Moreover, a phone is often the only source of internet in a foreign city and you may need to find out the best Self-Drive Cars in Hyderabad, best hotels in Delhi, or the finest fine dine restaurants in Mumbai. Better to keep it in your front pocket when you don’t need it urgently.

The details of your gadgets

Whether it is your phone or any other gadget, you must write down the details of them and email it to yourself. In case you lose your phone, the IMEI number can be of great use in recovering it. The serial number of your laptop is of immense help when you need to recognize your laptop from the stolen ones. Make an effort and do this favor to yourself, especially before you travel.

It is crucial that you keep the important documents like passport, tickets, room key, etc. in a sling bag to your front. You must carry your backpack to your front when traveling in crowded places to keep the zippers away from sticky hands. Being vigilant is the only way to travel in the international metropolitans.

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