If you’re resident in USA, transferring money from one bank account to another is an issue. Whether you want to transfer money within bank, or to another bank, there is an issue. However, there is nothing in this world with no way. There is a way to transfer money from one bank to another.

The following short passages and step by step instruction will elaborate the topic and we’ll try to answer your question in précised way. We’ll explain what to do in order to transfer funds if you’re supposed to transfer money from one checking account to another. We’ll also deal with the problem how to transfer money to someone else’s bank account.

How to Transfer Money from your Bank Account?

Transferring funds from one bank account to another is easy, fast and secure. It is better than withdrawing and paying in cash in terms of saving time and money.

You can transfer money from one bank account to another using multiple ways. These methods may include transfer money with online bank transfer, by phone and by visiting the bank branch in person. Whatever method you may choose, you must need following details.


  • Expected payment date
  • Business or person name
  • Sort code of the account you’re paying & eight-digit account number
  • A payment reference which could be your name or customer number
  • Routing number
  • Web enabled device with working internet connection

Transfer Funds Methods:

Customers can transfer money online using online bank transfer. Simply login to your online banking account with username & password and go to the transfer payment section. Enter the correct details and follow the instructions to submit the request. If you don’t already have an online bank account, you need to setup it first. For more details, you can also visit WalletKnock.com.

In United States, customers can also transfer funds from one bank to another bank account, or same bank using telephone number. Simply dial a customer service phone number of your bank and have a word with customer support representative to transfer funds or you may be guided through by an automated recording.

The final option to transfer money from one bank account to another is by visiting the bank branch near you. Visit the branch where your account is and navigate to customers desk and fill the form to transfer money.

Time and Transfer Limit?

If you’re using online bank transfer method, it may possibly be instant transfer. But if you’re using transfer by telephone call or in person in branch, it may be immediate and take up to 2 hours as well. You can transfer money online 24/7 from anywhere. However, transferring money by phone or in branch has specific hours depending working hours of your respective bank. So, it’s not like anytime from anywhere.

The money limit varies with your bank, and account type. Most of the banks in America let you transfer at least $10,000, but some have much higher limits.

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