Getting more follower does not mean that your Instagram followers are increasing. What I am trying to say is that if you see the number of followers is increasing but you are not getting the result you want then those followers are nothing at all.

That is why when you increase your Instagram followers, you need to check the growth of the followers. Do you know how to check the growth of the Instagram followers? If no then you have to read the article until the end since I am going to tell you the ways to track Instagram follower growth. So here we go.

The first thing you need to check is the like. That means you need to check how many likes you are getting on your every post. It is really important. If you see that the number of followers is really high but the number of likes is really low then there might be two problems. Either the followers are fake or your posts are not good enough to attract the audience. If you find out that your posts quality is good enough but still you do not get enough likes then chances are high that your Instagram follower growth is not good.

Similar to the likes, you can check the growth by checking the comment. If your followers are real and if your follower growth is good then you will get a good number of comments for sure. And to check it, you can ask them some questions, or ask them to give you feedback or arrange a quiz. Do whatever you can do to see the comment.

Also, you can check the number of share you get on average. Yes, it is true that you won’t get enough share if your post quality is not attractive and worthy of sharing. But if the posts quality is good, you should get a decent amount of shares. If you see that then your Instagram followers are growing.

CTR refers to click through rate. That means how much people are clicking on your posts or how many people are engaged to your posts. If you have a high number of followers but the CTR is low then it is obvious that your growth is not good, no matter how many followers you have.

And lastly, check the conversion rate. Since you have a good number of followers, you should have a good number of sales as well. If you don’t have that, your growth is not good. Do something better to get better growth.

These are the best ways you can follow to check the growth. If you think your growth is not good, you can take help from They offer some very good service for Instagram marketing. You need those services for sure if you want to grow the marketing of your brand and products.

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