Many men go in for the kill, so to speak. They try to figure out how to touch a girl, and they just do it. There’s something to be said about the bold out there, but guess what? Women don’t like that. Don’t get grabby, or you will be met with a slap in the face or a look of disgust. Most often, you will not have to make the first move if she’s into you. She will send you signals and you will be able to follow them. If you’re not sure how to touch the object of your affection, it’s time to get working with a few simple tips on how to learn this.

Let Her Guide You

First and foremost, she’s going to brush up against you while you’re walking together. Pay close attention to this. If she keeps brushing up against you, then let her have your arm. Move your hand towards her, and see if she wants to hold your hand. By just doing this, you will be inviting her to touch, and if she’s into you, she will touch you and hold your hand, simple as that. You have to pay attention to this simple signal, so that you learn how to touch a girl right.

Find A Place To Sit

Find a place to sit with your date, and get close. Not too close, but not far. Have a conversation, and casually put your arm around her. If she leans in, you will be given cues as to what to touch next. This is a beginning move, but as you two get more affectionate, she will lean in, rest her head on you, and will just relax. The more relaxed and safe you can make her feel, the better your chances are of getting to touch her a bit more. She will move your arm; she will guide you to where she wants to get touched. Pay attention so that you know how to touch a girl, timing is key here.

Make An Excuse To Touch Her

When all else fails and you see no traction, ask her an open ended question that requires you to touch her. For instance, ask her to see her life line. That’s something that is found on the palm, and then compare it to hers. Comment on how her hands are nice, and how they fit in yours, and if she smiles and laughs a little, you’ll find that she wants you to touch her, and you can progress. If she doesn’t want to touch you, or do anything romantic, then don’t panic, just nudge her a little as you walk and see if she responds. Just pay attention to the way that she deals with touch, signals and more, and you’ll no doubt learn how to touch a girl.

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