How to Think Quickly And Why It Makes You Happier

If you know this – you are one-in-two-million. What?
If you are feeling depressed (discouraged, disheartened or distressed),
you own a tool that works 100% of the time to extinguish the four Ds within

If you pay attention and practice, you may dissolve your distress permanently.


If you can put a fake smile on your puss and keep it there for up to ten-seconds,
you cannot continue to feel Depressed (discouraged, disheartened or distressed).
Do not run to a neuroscientist to prove it – do your own Mind-Experiment.

What is a fake (phony) smile?

A Duchenne (French neurologist, 1856 – Guillaume Duchenne) Smile is the opposite
of a phony smile called a PAN-AM. The Duchenne activates your mouth plus your
EYES – while a PANAM (Pan-American World Airlines) smile just shows a lot of

You cannot activate a Duchenne (genuine) smile, or a Pan-Am Airline hostess
fake (phony) smile, and remain feeling lousy and negative. Did you know
two-wrongs cannot make a Wright, but two-Wrights can make an airplane? Smile.

The next time you feel distressed at work or home, test your internal tool and
intentionally Smile. Make the personal discovery that mental and physiological conflict - cancels, clears and deletes your negativity. You will pump up your
self-esteem and feel better almost instantly. Use it with kids and adults.

Google: Cognitive-Dissonance for the psychology of Fake Smiling.

Three Smiling Muscles

How do you remember names or ideas? Most people do not remember well, but if they do it is by conscious repetition. Too hard and boring. Get this – your brain and
hippocampus (memory site) thinks in IMAGES – pictures and symbols, not repetition.

If you want to double (absolutely double) your long-term memory – you must use
your imagination and create a mental picture to connect what you want to remember to something you already have loaded in your long-term memory.

Can you remember the three (3) smiling muscles in your face? Why? Every time
you exercise your imagination and memory, you improve your Cognitive Reserve.
So what? It reduces your odds up to 50%, of getting Alzheimer or other forms of
dementia. AND you improve your longevity potential up to ten-years.

Smiley Muscles – Z-O-R

Remember the name of ZORRO, the TV series, movies, and eight books super-hero.

1. Z is for Zygomatic (major) the muscle that raises the corners of your mouth to smile. Make a mental picture of Zygo – a tiny zebra with white stripes on a black body. Add your watch battery because it runs automatically. Mentally picture the Zygo wearing an automatic watch – Zygomatic. Do it now or you lose it forever.

2. O is for your Orbicularis Oculi muscle which raises your cheeks and forms Crow’s Feet around your eyes.

Now imagine the planet Earth ORBITING and see a CUTE LORIS (like a monkey) with her popping Eyes (oculi). Do it,
it is good for your brain. Orbi-cu-laris Oculi.
Intend to remember it and you will.

3. R is for your Risorius muscle. It stretches your mouth in a lateral

Create a simple mental picture of your favorite person laughing
hysterically. RIS is from Latin meaning to laugh. Now add to your 3-pound coconut the thought – it is GLORIUS to laugh.

You got it – RIS+Glorius = Risorius. Now that is easy to remember. Intend to remember it and you will.

Thinking Quickly

If you are feeling depressed and refuse to smile through it, try this sure thing.
Yes, it is researched and recommended by neuroscientists. Think quicker, speak faster, and speed read and you leave depression in the dust.

Want to feel more energetic, self-assured, happier, and more creative at work or
school? The scientific secret is FAST THINKING. Who says so, anyway?

Emily Pronin, professor at Princeton and Daniel Wegner at Harvard. It appeared
in the September issue of Psychological Science, 2006 and is cited as fact by other

Pacing The Reading of Statements

Half the participants read the statements twice (2x) faster than normal.
The other half read the material twice (2x) as SLOW as normal.

The goal was to check out their mood, energy level and self-esteem reading faster
and slower than normal. Result: regardless of the contents of the written material
(positive or negative), people felt HAPPIER, more creative, and more powerful,
when they read the contents FASTER.

The speed of cognitive processing (thought) is just as important as the contents of
what they read in determining MOOD. Wait – even thinking sad (negative) thoughts
faster (speed thinking) produce happiness.

The simple manipulation of speed thinking vs. slow comprehension is a basis for
changing your own and other folks’ mood, feelings of power and level of energy.
Did you know that depression is characterized by S-L-O-W thinking, lack of
energy, and a negative mood (mind set)?


Accelerate your thinking, speaking and reading speed, and you affect your mood
and energy level. Speed reading is not just practical, it improves the function of your
brain patterns. There is a hidden secret: you must practice often enough to reprogram and condition your nonconscious mind using your conscious volition.


Reading, speaking and even thinking are dominated by our nonconscious mind. Our conscious mind – prefrontal cortex, parietal-frontal lobes, and medial temporal lobes – have power, influence and persuasion over our nonconscious agenda.

Our nervous, immune and limbic (emotions) systems, brain stem and cerebellum, (nonconscious mind) operate in cooperation and harmony with our conscious mind.

Get this: our consciousness has a capacity of just 50 bits of information per second
(cycles), while our nonconscious mind has a bandwidth of 11 million Hertz (cycles
per second). They work together, but nonconscious mind does the heavy lifting.

Brainwaves include Beta (arousal), Alpha, Theta and Delta (sleep). The last three
are areas of non-arousal. Consciousness is not all-dominant, it must persuade and
convince nonconsciousness to follow its dictates. Remember, 50 bits per second,
vs. 11 million. Who has the power?

See ya,

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