When entrepreneurs set goals, sometimes they don’t meet them for whatever reason and then begin to doubt themselves. They begin to feel that they are not good enough and they are unable to continue in business. This problem may stem from them being a little zealous in estimating the likelihood of more positive outcomes happening in your business as opposed to negative events occurring. This type of thinking is called “unrealistic optimism.” However, the success or failure in your business will depend on how you overcome your perception of uncertainty.

Here are a few suggestions to think differently about particular perceptions of uncertainty when faced with them:

REFUSE TO THINK NEGATIVELY. Surprisingly enough, missing a goal you set can be a good thing. Instead of the usual responses “I’m no good at this” or “I’m not cut out for this stuff,” ask yourself, what can I learn to do differently from this experience? Some give up because it’s easier to believe they can’t change anything and act like victims of circumstance. The key is to make a mental shift in the way you think about things, but change is uncomfortable for some people. What you need to do is ask yourself, are you going to be a “master of change,” or a “victim of change?” Are you going to be a “creator of circumstance,” or a “creature of circumstances?” You will ultimately be one or the other, but the impact of change will be forced upon you, whatever road you choose. The more you consciously turn around negative thinking, the easier it is to see opportunity in adversity.

KEEP ON IMPROVING. Some entrepreneurs become complacent and experience a false sense of security when they’ve reached some level of success. At this level, they sometimes feel apprehensive about the future and their growth becomes stagnated. Their perception of uncertainty stems from thoughts that if they “raise the bar” they may not see the same success as they have in the past.

Now that you’ve met your goal, don’t settle. Continued success is largely based on looking forward to the next set of challenges as you grow. Change is constant in the business world and accomplishments of today most likely will not be sufficient tomorrow. Setting goals that constantly test your metal create a mandate to find new ways to continuously raise the bar. In the end, you will begin to see that this performance is not only enticing, but quite gratifying.

AVOID BURNOUT. Most entrepreneurs experience burnout. Their perception of future uncertainties fuels their desire to succeed and they end up foregoing other aspects in their lives. They adopt the belief that in order to be successful, they must keep up a fast pace. This is not to say that being fully engaged and present in your business is a bad thing, but you need to be balanced in your approach to success. One of the critical aspects in business that most entrepreneurs overlook is making sure they take mental vacations. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep and taking breaks to disconnect are necessary components in sustaining your business… and your family will thank you as well.

EXPERIENCE THE FEAR. Fear of the unknown plagues us all and some individuals experience fear and self-doubt at one time or another. The important thing to recognize is that fear is normal. In business, when you embrace your fear and overcome it, your confidence automatically grows and the fear begins to dissipate. If you allow yourself to experience whatever it is you’re afraid of: (1) you’ll find it’s not as bad as you thought; and (2) you will become inspired with a renewed sense of purpose. Comfort and familiarity are false security devices that may cause complacency. If you want to conquer your fears and continue to climb the latter of success in your business, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and not be afraid to experience your fear.

Entrepreneurs think differently and are courageous. They are risk takers who think “outside the box.” They have a hard time conforming to the status quo. You will, from time to time, face uncertainty in your business. However, the ability to recognize and control your perception of uncertainty and take the necessary steps going forward in your business will make all the difference between whether you succeed or fail.

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Ieishah Edwards is an online business and marketing consultant. She focuses exclusively on teaching people how to make money in the field of Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales by using a combination of both offline and online marketing strategies that she has personally incorporated and used to build her online business at http://www.EasyMLMHomeBiz.com She has worked from home for a ridiculously long time and is passionate about what she does. Her desire is to help other people turn their passion into profit. She blogs at http://www.UrGuide2Wealth.com