Everyone is born to think big. Just stroll down your memory lane and try to recall when you are younger in age, have you ever dream to become a pilot, doctor or other great positions in the society? When you are older, you must have dream of starting your own business, driving your favorite posh car, having your dream house. But what has been happening to all these dreams? In fact, they have been stolen by the dream thief. Who are them? They are just anyone in your life that always there to pour water at you and ask you to wake up whenever you have a dream. For example, when you want to start a business, people around you will start to discourage you and dampen your motivation by saying, "Stop dreaming, you cannot make it, just stick to your 9 to 5 job and get your paycheck every month!" So stay away from these people and start learning the techniques of thinking big.

Here they are...

1. Get embarked in the Right Mindset

Most importantly, you must learn to establish good habits and throw away the bad ones. Do not be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and start to experiment new things. Once you set your mind to think big, never succumb to thinking small again. Always set time and place for yourself to think creatively to what you want to achieve in life. Be positive and you will always feel energized.

2. Visualization and Commitment Helps

You should set your imagination wild and start to visualize your life after you have achieved the dream. You will tend to be motivated to push on after you set and visualize your dreams. It will be even more effective if you commit yourself by penning your dream down.

3. Believe in Law of Association and Attraction

Always be in the accompany of like minded people and it will be best to create mastermind group to motivate yourself and others. Remember to keep yourself away from dream stealers as they will drain the positive energy out of you and kill your dreams. This is the power of association. There is another law that you cannot forsake - the law of attraction. You attract who you are.

4. Everything Starts Small

Remember this: Rome was not built in a day, so you should not be bothered by what you currently have now because small steps leads to great success.

5. Keep Yourself in Motion

When you dream big, you must also stop procrastinate and start moving towards your target. It does not matter how fast you can move, but it did matters if you stop.

Turn your ear off that mocking voice that tells you to wake up from your dream and do something more realistic. You can either succumb to your current state of reality or create it to what you wants. This is the importance of thinking and dreaming big.

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