People generally do not know much about how to test gold. There are various methods are available in market for testing the purity of gold. Today testing of gold has become very important and for that people generally use different methods for testing it. Today people are selling their old gold jewellery and in return of that they are getting cash which in turn they invest it in buying new design gold jewellery. Gold is a very valuable metal. The value of this metal usually increases as time passes by and this metal does not have any chemical reaction with other metal. It lasts for a long period of time. Gold when it is extracted from mines is found with the combination of other metals. So it is important to test the actual percentage of gold and for testing the actual percentage of gold. That is why the customers as well as the jewellers use several methods for testing its purity.

Today many new types of electronic equipment have been invented for testing the purity of gold. In these instruments there is an inbuilt micro processor which tests the purity and the quality of gold. These instruments show the actual percentage of gold. Besides these methods there is another method which is called traditional method. This traditional method is called acid testing method. This acid testing method is very effective and tests the purity of gold. There are some people thinks that this method is obsolete. But that is not true at all. There are many jewellers who still use this acid testing method for testing the purity of gold.

This acid testing method comes with an acid testing kit which contains colour bottles, acid testing stone etc. this technique is one of the best technique which shows actual result. In this kit you will get a user’s manual which will help you to apply this method properly. There is one advantage of this testing method and that is its portability. It can be transferred from one place to another by using this method. Thus people should know how to test gold before going to purchase gold.

This acid testing kit is a simple process and an average person can learn the process of how to test gold. Take the piece of metal and rub it on the piece of black stone. After that take acid from the bottle and pour it over the streak with the help of a pin provided with the kit. The colour of the streak will be changed.

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