How To Tell When You Are Ovulating With An Irregular Period: How Do I Know If I'm Ovulating If My Periods Are Irregular

When trying for a baby it can become a mission in your life to ensure that you are doing everything possible. For some women falling pregnant is very easy, however, for others it can take time. Knowing when you are going to ovulate can help to determine the best time to try to conceive. Although you want it all to be as natural as possible, a helping hand with dates and calculations may be appreciated.

Deciding to have a baby is simply the first stage, there are many factors that you will need to consider even in the early days. The female body is a complex thing; running like clockwork every month. With this in mind, it should be easy to calculate your ovulation pattern. Ovulation will happen 14 days before your period, depending on your cycle will determine the exact time in the month. If you are regular, and have a 28-day period ovulation will be exactly in the middle. However, many woman do have irregular periods, and this can make calculating it by yourself harder.

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You can try to guess by yourself when you are ovulating, your body will go through subtle changes indicating ovulation is about to happen. Your cervix will be softer than usual, and the discharge you have will be a different colour. Your Basal temperature will also will drop in the morning, and rise just before you ovulate. It will be necessary to take your temperature daily over a period of time to get a complex idea. These steps are great if you are very aware of your body, and can tell changes no matter how subtle. However, if you miss these signs or do not produce them, you may miss the window of opportunity.

For many women an ovulation calculator is the answer to the uncertainty. These simple calculators take the day of your last period, working out when you are most fertile. The calculators are simple tools that can help you to understand what your body is experiencing and going through. If you are having problems conceiving, it can be stressful, and focusing on one particular date may help you and your partner. You can put your entire baby making efforts into trying when you are most likely to conceive.

Although these calculators are great, if you have very irregular periods or a long menstrual cycle the dates may be effected. Even so, you will ovulate between days 11 to 21 of your menstrual cycle, so although it may not be as precise you still have a window. Once you get into the habit of calculating your ovulation period, it will become second nature. They are easy to use and can help you if you are unsure of dates.

Some women struggle to get pregnant, and although it may be something simple trying at the best time, will give the greatest chances. However, you do not want it to take over your life, making a baby should be a happy time for you and your partner. If you spend too long worrying about dates and times it can take away the fun element. There may be other factors that are stopping you conceiving.

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In spite of understanding the above-mentioned facts, you might desire a short cut. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to miracle pregnancy; but there are proven and tested natural techniques to help you out. Here is a small list of powerful tips that has helped several women to achieve miracle pregnancy after 40.

1. Set Aside Some Time For Relaxation and Prayer

It's hard to get your body to function optimally if you have a negative view of yourself and abilities. Learn to relax your body and mind and become free from depression. It has been reported that women with a history of depressive symptoms are two times more likely to experience infertility when compared with women who did not have a history of depression when trying to get pregnant. You need to set aside a time and a place for prayer and relaxation. Set aside one room where you can talk to your God about your condition and you will be surprise at the fresh insight you will receive. Make it a point to lift your spirit with songs and praises at the same time. Invite the Holy Spirit into your life.

2. Practice The Best Time to Have Sex

You won't be able to achieve miracle pregnancy after 40 quickly if you do not practice the best time to have sex. Persistence and patience is of great importance. You should understand that having sex every other day between days 10 and 18 of your menstrual cycle (counting the first day of your period as day 1) is the best time to have sex. This is the time during your ovulation will usually take place. This is the best time to get pregnant naturally.

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3. Monitor your Basal Body Temperature

This is your body's temperature when you are completely at rest. During ovulation, your body temperature will increase slightly by about one degree. You will get pregnant easily during the two to three days before your temperature rises. In most cases, ovulation has started when you noticed that your body temperature has increased slightly and remains steady for three days or more. You can use an oral thermometer to monitor your basal body temperature. Ensure you measure your temperature every morning before you get out of bed. Write down the readings on a notebook and observe the changes.

4. Use Chinese Herbs

Use Chinese herbs to aid fertility and miracle pregnancy. In the U.S., you may have to ingest these herbs in the form of pills, granules, tablets or teas. The materials are typically derived from leaves, fruits, flowers, roots and barks of different herbs. Chinese herbs have been used to treat cases of infertility due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes, absence of ovulation, endometriosis, amenorrhea, uterine fibroids, and other causes. You may be required to use these herbs on a daily basis or periodically depending on the cause. Several women who have used Chinese herbs have reportedly become pregnant within three to six months.

5. Change Your Lifestyle

Simple lifestyle changes in diet and exercise may enhance your ability to get pregnant after 40. Most women with very low body fat may suffer from amenorrhea. If you have very high levels of stress, you need to make some changes to address it. Eating healthy fertility-boosting foods may help you to restore hormonal imbalance. Throw away all junk food and increase your chances of getting pregnant fast.

Above all, open yourself up to learn new methods of getting pregnant. With the right frame of mind, the patience and persistence to try new and proven methods, you will soon achieve miracle pregnancy at 40 to the amazement of your family members and friends.

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Yeast infections are not something that is difficult to cure or needs too much time to cure. This is natural problem in most women specially because they are too hygienic or they neglect hygiene to an extent.

Well, the fact is that too much hygiene or too little hygiene is both responsible for the thriving of yeast infections. There are some natural ways to combat this problem without necessarily getting perturbed about how to handle this once it has set in.

Let us start with the simplest way to cure the problem.

1. Correct washing
Hygiene being the most important factor one needs to pay attention to the correct way. Too much of soaping the vaginal area or region leads to destruction of the natural vaginal discharge which helps eradicate any yeast infection from forming.

Frequent washing is recommended using plain water.

2. Wiping the area
Once the vaginal area has been washed it is important to wipe the area dry. One should take care, however, not to repeatedly use the same towel or tissue. Change the towel as frequently as you can.

Extreme care should be taken to avoid using the same towel if already infected. The cure or the prevention will take longer than necessary.

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3. Dry the region outside the vagina
It is important to allow the area around the vagina to dry thoroughly. Certain amount of fresh air should be allowed to penetrate to the region to keep the freshness in the area going.

Again use a fresh towel to dampen out whatever moisture may form as wetness in the region will help breed the bacteria for yeast infections.

4. Cotton undergarments
Cotton undergarments are recommended as they permit perspiration to disappear and dry while allowing fresh air to enter the region and remain dry.

Synthetics should be strictly avoided as they encourage perspiration and dampness. Synthetics also encourage yeast infections to breed and hibernate.

These are simple solutions to this nagging problem.

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Vaginal odor is the outcome or result of yeast infection. In order to cure the odor it would be necessary to first cure the infection.

There are some natural ways to cure vaginal odor using simple remedies that are easily available, without need for any kind of medication at all.

1. Garlic is an herb that is used mainly in cooking. It has a strong smell and a slight burning sensation. But its properties are useful in killing germs and infections. Garlic is popularly used to cure vaginal odor.

The garlic first needs to be ground to a paste adding a little water to it. The paste may then be applied directly to the vaginal area and left for several hours or overnight to have effect.

2. Yogurt is another of those easily available products that has its own bacteria. It is a milk product and is very useful in killing the yeast infection that has invaded the vagina.

Dip a tampon into the yogurt mix and insert into the vagina and leave overnight. The bacteria present in the yogurt will naturally destroy the yeast bacteria.

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3. Tea tree oil is another of those natural ways used to cure vaginal odor. This oil is to be applied in and around the vagina and left for sometime to act upon the yeast infection.

The properties in the oil help destroy the bacteria which causes the vaginal odor.

4. Lastly, hygiene plays an important part in curing vaginal odor. Frequently washing with plain water, drying and using of clean cotton under garments is recommended. Washing should not be too frequent as it washes off the natural discharge from the vagina which helps destroy the yeast infection.

Keeping the region dry is important as the dampness or perspiration provides a good breeding place for yeast. Cotton garments allow for fresh air to pass through and hence keep the area fresh and dry.

These are some very simple and natural ways to cure vaginal odor.

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