How to tell if your ex boyfriend still likes you; Have you experienced a break up or divorce and find yourself wanting your man to fall back in love with you again? This feeling is expressed by women from all walks of life all over the world every day. When you miss the familiarity of your relationship your thoughts will flow back to your former lover and wish you could get him back into your life.

Should I tell my ex I still love him; A complete solution to get your ex back into your life is provided at the end of this write-up (Author's Bio), meanwhile let's build the foundation.

There are many women that have gone through that divorce or break up and have a strong desire to find a way to get their man back or learn how to prevent them from leaving. Below are four tips that may help make your relationship better by learning what it is that men look for in a relationship, and prevent a break up.

1. So what is it that men desire in the relationship to make them happy? One is respect, which means he wants to be accepted and wanted. When you can attain this with your man you are on your way to make the man happy. If you are not sure of how much respect to give him, going a little overboard with it can't hurt.

2. What do you put on where you are with him? Have you become too contented in your relationship that you forgot about looking nice with the makeup and nice clothes? This could be the reason why your man is not staying with you or showing less interest. You don’t have to look good all time but do not let yourself go.

3. Did your husband or boyfriend run off with another woman? The first thing that comes to many women mind is that the other woman is good looking than them. This is not the case actually, your man may have been looking for that respect and found it in this other woman. She may not even be as pretty as the man wants her to be looking, she just provides him with that increase to his personality which is what he craves.

4. Also what men would like is for their girlfriend or wife to accept them for who they are. They know they are not perfect and you do not need to nag them for all the faults they may have. The feeling they get is you are not satisfied with who he is and this can drive them away from you.

All of this does not mean you have to be a loving person all the time; you can express your anger and true feelings. But you can show your man how proud you are of him when he deserves it. Keep these guidelines in mind and make use of them. They can help you save your relationship or even get back the man you have lost.

Here are just some of the keys to keep your man from running away from you. There are a lot of sources obtainable to help you learn more, such as this relationship site.

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