If you are trying to get your ex to come back to you, you need to recognize the difference between what techniques will work and the ones that will not. How to tell if your ex still likes you; Many people will assume any strategy will work for them, this assumption can be wrong.

After a break up how to get him back; A complete solution to get your ex back into your life is provided at the end of this write-up, meanwhile let's build the foundation.

There are many ways you can go about getting your ex back and they all depend on your particular situation. You must look at how you got to where you are now and find some established techniques that match yours.

There are two basic strategies you can use with any situation, they are being violent or being traditional in your approach to your ex. Regardless of what approach or techniques you use, you must give your ex and yourself some time off from each other. Every specialist gives this advice because you must give yourselves time to calm down after breaking up.

The reasoning is if one of you continue to contact the other right after breaking up, you would further the chance of alienating them further. Not making contact will give the other person a chance to get over the break up without being pressured.

If you choose the violent strategy, you will have to take some chances by approaching them a little harder. You are taking a chance that they may not be fully committed to the break up and will come back around to you after some time off and a little convincing on your behalf. The key is to find the right balance so you do not overdo it.

If you overdo it and fail, you risk losing your ex as not only a lover but as a friend. Many times couples at least stay friends after breaking up. If you wish to make sure your ex stays friends with you if you fail to get them back as your lover, take the conservative approach.

The conservative approach involves letting your relationship gradually rebuild itself from the friendship level back to lover stage again. In this technique you will not push your ex; you have time as friends that you can enjoy until the opportunity arises to move forward.

As far as getting your ex back into a romantic relationship, the conservative method can be less successful. However if you are not successful at getting your ex back as a lover, you still have each other as friends. If you fail at the aggressive method your chance of losing them as a friend is great.

Whichever way you go, consider what the outcome may be. If you do not want to lose your ex as a friend be conservative. If you want to go for broke to get your ex back as your lover without consideration of possible friendship be aggressive.

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